Not dating at all as a young adult

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Milan00NRD19, Oct 10, 2021.

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    I turned 19 this July and just moved to another country just for a fresh start. I found out about NoFap when I was 17 and my best streak till date is about 7 months straight. So to get to my question, is it OK to not date at all as a young adult? I have a bunch of great hobbies, one of which also double as my part time job and a great group of friends. Talking to my friends and listening to them talk about their dates and girlfriends have honestly put me off this whole dating game for now. Am I missing out by not dating? Have any of you guys on this forum done this? I'm just afraid that I will regret it later on.

    cheers, NRD
  2. E31

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    Hey mate, welcome to the forums!

    You seem to got it right my friend ;) pursuing the things you like, mainting good friendships, being self reflective about your vices at such a young age and actually doing something about it etc. you seem like a good catch and with time, someone nice will come along who's gonna appreciate that very much with whom you can have a healthy relationship. No need to force that, just be open and aware for the opportunities when you meet someone like that.
    Because that is the only thing you could regret later - not taking a chance with someone you were really into and vice versa.

    Dating can be fun, but as you've already described it perfectly: It's a game most of the time and a lot of people tend to lose themselves in that game.
    So if there ever comes a time when you feel the need to meet someone, give it a shot, but otherwise keep on doing your thing and you'll have nothing to regret ;)

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    There's nothing wrong with that if its something you truly don't wanna do for your own reasons that make sense to you. I wouldn't turn down an opportunity if it comes your way, but as far as actively looking and dating it can get a bit exhausting but you won't ever know until you give it a shot. You might end up enjoying yourself. Try new things, talk to people you usually wouldn't talk to, etc and you'll learn a lot not only about the world around you but about yourself. If you end up not liking it, no harm in trying and experiencing.
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    As someone in their 40s I would say as a young adult you should try to get out there and start dating. I did not because i was very shy and regret missing out. Don't go out there with the intention of finding your wife on the first date, just go out and find someone that you enjoy spending time with and date them.
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    I'm 27, never dated or had sex, I don't regret it whatsoever, I've decided to practice celibacy when I was 24, most people in the world throughout history have not dated, they simply got married when the time came.

    I don't believe in sex before marriage so I have no reason to be dating anyone.

    Also I personally don't want to get married, I like my life the way it is, I'd rather achieve my goals and be happy than get married.

    No matter what you end up choosing, don't compare yourself to anyone.

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