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Do you fell like you are "smarter" during NoFap?

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  1. ShotDunyun

    ShotDunyun Fapstronaut

    So on decent streaks I can get so many benefits. I become a beast when it comes to physical training, I gain a lot of muscle so fast it seems like I'm taking steroids. My confidence can get to an all time high and my personality just changes for the better.

    Magnetism also improves a lot most of the time, men and women seem a lot more friendly. But what is hard for me is the "intellectual" aspect of NoFap. Several times during the past 5 years I've tried to learn to program in one way or another, and I just can't understand it. It's been weeks and I just can't understand the logic, I know the syntax but I can't apply it to create something on my own.

    And this happens also when I'm on a long hard mode NoFap streak. I don't know if someone else here is going through the same or if you have any tips to help a brother out. Maybe programming is just not for me?
  2. Candun

    Candun Fapstronaut

    Some possible reasons:
    1. The way its explained in the resource you use dosent work well for you.
    2. You haven't seen enough real-world examples of its use to be able to work on independent projects yet.
    3. Taking on too much too fast, maybe going back to the most basic fundamentals could help.

    BTW love the Bruce Campbell Pic
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  3. To create something that reflects us. I went through this phase you could say. Programming was not really my thing, but always dream of creating an app or virus to manage global administration.

    Completed my education for a while and still young, so the thought is... why not upgrade something rather than push for new? You see a lot of radical improvements to ideas but nothing is completely new anymore. I guess its how you look at it.
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  4. Also, concerning your poll... I do feel smarter, but the reality is, my mind is just less clouded, so my concentration is much high. The 'intellect' you referred to in your post, does not take over. It's always there :)
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  5. ShotDunyun

    ShotDunyun Fapstronaut

    I see what you mean, I always want to start with the very basics but somehow all the courses I've seen so far explain things like you already know them. I'll keep pushing and start with the basics. Bruce Campbell is a solid dude, I am always happy when people recognize my profile picture.

    Yeah, that's the thing, I want to create something of my own, I have the motivation but when I try to learn I hit a wall.

    Right, I consider myself to be an average person intellectually speaking, so I wanted to know if someone experienced an "intellectual boost", similar to the energy boost I get while on NoFap. Thanks for replying!
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  6. Maybe my post was commented in a slight misinterpretation. I do get the energy boost naturally. Intellectual boost... yeahish?

    Case in point or example. Im off PMO for some months and was able to design my own hydroponics system for some plants in my backyard using the old pvc guttering and clamps i could find. Purchased a small pump and hooked it up to my home water storage. I don't have any education in engineering but I was able to do it fairly easy. Added gradients for flow, center distribution, check values for oneway course, etc. But it kind of comes back to the same point i made earlier. My mind was less clouded so i was able to output a more efficient idea and item.

    In your case, i think you might still be looking for an opportunity. Not everyone pick up on the first try, am i right? I failed an exam twice before acing it without studying. Stuff like that just happens, but I never related it to PMO.

    Concentrate and don't give up. Like overcoming PM, your mind must want the change. And never stop learning, evencwhen you're applying.
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