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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by TrueSaiyan, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Hey everyone so I've been away from Nofap for a week almost. I haven't been motivated to post anything because I've been loosing my will to keep a clean streak. I recently get into a closer relationship with a friend online such as "Friend with benefits type". The other day she got a boyfriend and I felt like I wasn't cared for as much with him when we we're together. I asked her in the past if she's told anyone about me but she didn't say she hasn't yet. I told co workers and friends. So I kinda feel cheated right now.

    On the other hand. I can't stable a relationship for a long period. I've had a few woman spark interest at me in my work field. But I've realize that one seems like a flirt and the other one talks to me some days but not at all with others. Ladies and Gentleman a Saiyan is growing tired with this battle. Do I need a relationship coach or dating? I'm starting to think I do. I'm almost 30 and not taken or married like all my other friends are.

    Are any other people in this situation? How do I get out of it?...

    I'm also training allot.. But I'm not seeing much muscle growth. I am eating above 2000 cal almost everyday
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    Hey Saiyan,

    What your growing through right now is hard I’m not going to lie. Been through the same experience back then. Do not focus on the girl your spending time with. She will only make it worse for you in the long run. She made up her choice when she chose her boyfriend. The friends with benefits is only temporary... just like PMO. If you think you can’t maintain a relationship for long periods then your still not at that mindset of a “true saiyan”. Relationships then marriage is the goal for every man. This will bring them true happiness. The only way to fulfill that goal is to keep fighting your battles and achieve your best self. Do not worry about the women. These are just distractions from your purpose. They will always be there man... you don’t need dating coach therapy... just be yourself and learn from the men here on NoFap. Don’t waste your time and money on things to get you laid further. Just be yourself man..

    Your straying off your path to achieve ultra instinct bro...

    Don’t look up to other people and say their in a relationship or married... that’s very unhealthy. This will lead you to become even more depressed. Everyone is on a different path on life. You have the choice to do certain things. But if you choose the easy way out like instant gratification then just be warned it won’t last long. You will remain at that state and won’t progress in life...

    In conclusion, just stay vigilant and keep going with the streaks. If you tryna look for more instant gratification then I’m sorry you already lost the battle. Don’t let other people bring you down. Cmon saiyan your suppose to be the one to fight the battles that most men can’t. If your going down then I’m gonna have to take your spot as the true saiyan. You hear me?
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    Jesus f*cking christ...

    No marriage is not the goal as family law today is incentiviced to give woman custody and have you make huge financial cuts to you ex. Knowing how few couples stay together past the 5 year mark today and the amount of anti-male progapanda we are forced to endure - atleast in the west - should be a detterent for everyone with their head screwed on correctly.
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    I really appreciate your kind words. I'm going to try for a clean streak this time.It just sucks being almost 30 and other friends have been married or kids. I respect them for it, but then I look at myself.

    We did talk allot yesterday and she posted something on social media site about thank you for loving me, etc earlier this morning. I'm not sure what to think about it since her current boyfriend is going to see it since he's on there to. But your right I've gotta move on. I believe I did the wrong thing and went into it with emotions...

    Thank's itz_gioc
    Good luck on your streak!
  5. I don't have a lot of experience with women, but I learnt something in these 20 and something years: they only seem to care about me when I stop caring about them, it's totally nuts.

    About the muscle growth, I think that it's not about eating more or less than 2000 Kcal, it's about eating more than your body need to keep it away from your muscles as a source of energy. I've read before about eating something like 150~200 cal more than you need, but you really should search carefully about that. Check it out about aerobics too, they ARE good, but not so much if you want muscle growth... maybe you're doing too much?

    Being a Saiyan is about being selfish, that's why Vegeta always put his pride above everything.
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    Hi there .. i might have some advises for you !!!
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    Yes, absolutely true about most women there. I am very similar.
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