Not eating sugar and sweets/ How to??

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by 4DCreator, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Hi guys

    I have already done a new record of 35 no PMO days where my previous record was 20 days so I am very happy and I believe that there is time for a new challenge in my life as this nofap has taken such a momentum that it is not such a challenge anymore. I want to stop eating sugary products and sweets.

    But I need some help on how to do it. What should I eat instead to get some energy for my body? I know there are fast sugars as sweets and then glucose in rice and bread and so on which takes a longer time to get into the blood so therefore good before training.

    What would you recommend to eat (just some basics) as breakfast, launch, dinner?

    Also, is raw honey taken as sugar? I mean I want to get rid of processed white sugar in a first place. Also what about fruit with high sugar content. How would you go through the day without eating processed sugar? Or would you avoid natural sugar as well? What is counted as ok sugar (natural) and processed? I mean I know what is processed sugar but I need to know how to go through the day in a way that I won't be craving sugar as hell (which is happening now and I eat loads of sweets)

    Thanks for any advice :emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
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    For me, i settle for dates, dried fuits and honey for sweetening tea, coffee and whatnot. I cut processed white sugar the moment I started NoFap.
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    sounds good to me
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  4. Dates/honey are an excellent substitute for sweets, it really kills the cravings.

    I recommend not developing a coffee/tea addiction, or you will get headaches if you don't drink it.

    Other than that, it is just willpower. Drink water with every meal instead of soft drinks/fruit juice.
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    It gets easier the more you abstain. Sugar is naturally addictive, so like any other addiction, abstinence gets easier over time. Fruit is fine, just don't overdo it.
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    "How to quit sugar?" Simple. You quit. Not easy, but simple. Every time you say no you are increasing your willpower.
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  7. Nuts and seeds are awesome for energy. Especially chia seeds mixed in with a yogurt! The more you move out of the processed food world the less you even desire sugar. I use 1 sugar packet in my morning coffee and that's really it for sugar other than what's found in fruits.
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    My last blood work showed that my blood sugar levels were high (doctor said I’d pre debetic and if I didn’t change my habits , I could develop diabetes in the coming 5 years).
    So I decided to lower my sugar

    consumption and I started with basic stuff like not eating a lot of chocolate bars and cookies and cakes (I don’t like cake anyway) but what really made a huge difference is not adding sugar or sweetener to my tea! I’m a tea addict if there is such a thing lol. At first I HATED how it tastes, but now I am used to it and I still enjoy my teas!

    Also a lot of natural products contain sugar (honey and fruits for example) so I’d recommend cutting down on those too BUT not entirely. I tried to cut fruit juices out of my diet becuse of the high sugar content and I’d have the fruit instead (I love bananas after workouts) .
    I also try to cut down my rice/pasta/bread consumption. I still eat rice as it’s a big part of my culture but a little less!
    And lastly, I stopped drinking soda (I’m not a fan anyway but I’d still enjoy some sprite here and there).

    I wouldn’t say that my diet is perfect , I still slip and do what I’ve listed, but I’m feeling a lot better and we’ll see how my blood work would turn out!
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