Not even a glance from females, why do they avoid me ?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by racc00n, Apr 29, 2018.

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    Nobody else will take the responsibility of what you do with your life. Throwing your hands up and saying that life isn't fair won't get you far. There are people with far worst circumstances that have reacted by being a positive impact on the world.
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    The only thing NoFap did for me, was to make me aware how I wasted most of my adult life. The only proof something changed in my brain, was that I suddenly noticed I had stopped biting my nails which I did since a little kid. The benefit I experienced is that I do more with my life, I am becoming more the man I want to be, I did in 4 months more to better myself then in the previous 25 years. So go on NoFap you are still young, and yes it will be hard and difficult cause you will feel again, the good and the bad. But in the end life is just about improving yourself so you can look in the mirror and accept yourself and love yourself.
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    For the girl to tell you that, maybe it is because of the clothes that you were wearing, but apart from that, I think other people here have given you enough advices that you can use.
    When you pay attention to yourself(the gym they were telling you about for example), you get and also emanate some self confidence. That self-confidence makes you look people in the eye and hold their attention, smile at them, talk to them. Because you are at ease with yourself.
    When you are at ease with yourself, you pay more attention to others, (as you no longer are worrying about wether you are doing something awkward or whatever). And when you pay attention to the others and talk to them, they also feel at ease with you and continue talking to you.
    Courage in building yourself in your better you.
    We all pass by there.
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    NoFap is not a magical solution by any means, but it will help you conquer your anxiety.

    Also, why the fuck are you entitling yourself as a fapper and “chronic” addict? You’re much more than this. You probably have a lot of virtues and vices, like any other human being.

    Set up your badge already and work on improving a bit every day. Read the material provided and reasses your life.

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    I noticed attraction after 5 days but trust me it will get better, but you have to remember, 'THIS CAN'T BE YOUR MAIN REASON', because trust me after some weeks you will be more fit and etc, this journey is worth it but imma tell you, today I am struggeling a lot, but I won't give in, I think it's because of flatline ,[/QUOTE]
  6. I think that you should focus on yourself and your purpose in life.If you focus on those two things including finding a hobby things will fall into place.You have a long way to go and so do I but I am sure it will work out in the end.
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    100kg weight? what form does that weight take? do you put on excessive deodorant or perfume?(that shit can really have people running away when you stand next to them).
    Also shaved head looks better on skinny guys , it can also send the wrong message if you are frowning.

    Alpha and omega is PUA nonsense, PUA = creeps who pick up women of a very specific type, so do yourself a favor and unless you want to go for a material girl or something, ditch the PUA mindset, it does more harm than good, at least to me.

    You can work out at home, and you can also avoid trans-fat in your diet to hopefully lose excess weight (trans-fat is fat that the body finds hard to break down) and avoid processed sugars or fizzy drinks and alcohol.

    You need a hobby to balance the tension and anxiety somehow I think or something you enjoy other than porn and masturbation for starters.
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    When you don't try and don't particularly care (I.e. you'e happy with yourself) that's when the good things come. I think fap and other bad behaviours put you into this needy place. and yes I do think there are subliminal clues between the sexes based on biology and hormones too. Numerous studies have seen this

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