Not looking at P make me depressed and unmotivated

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by jack010802, Nov 15, 2021.

  1. jack010802

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    It's been a month since I started to try and stop looking at p. My best run was 18 days but I relapse every 8 days or so. Im very depressed I can't find the motivation to study, work or do anything productive. I don't see the point to live anymore. I spend all my days laying in my bed doing nothing and knowing this will make me fail college makes me even more depressed I don't know what to do anymore.

    Does anyone know what to do? Im hitting rock bottom...
  2. wicket

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    That is funny when I view it I am left depressed and unmotivated!

    I mean your pain isn't funny to me but how you chose to title this.
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  3. CaptainStrat

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    It’s withdrawal. It’s part of the process. No sugar coating it, it’s just a period of time we need to grind through to get to the other side.
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  4. The feelings will be 10x worse after you’re done PMOing
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  5. An0nym0use1234

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    It's because you are dopamine depleted. Watching so much porn gives you extremely high levels of dopamine, creating a very high baseline that you are used to. Now that you have quit watching it, your brain is at a complete lack of dopamine, well below the high baseline you set for yourself. Eventually though, and with healthy habits like exercise, eating regularly, and going outside, sleeping well, etc your dopamine baseline will return to normal lower levels. This means that normal life activities will once again be fun and pleasurable.

    One last thing, while you are quitting porn don't use too much social media, smartphone screen time, or binge TV or video games. This is your brain seeking out high dopamine activities and continuing to engage in these will prolong your porn withdrawal symptoms.
  6. jack010802

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    I don't use social media anymore, but since I have no kind of motivation what so ever I binge TV and videos games. I need a slight boost to go outside. I completely threw my diet by eating crap and hardly go workout...
  7. jack010802

    jack010802 Fapstronaut

    Even PMOing doesn't do anything im in a complete flatline
  8. Time for therapy
  9. Just like the above guy said, go for the natural, man. We're not designed to live receiving so much high stimuli. If you wan to do a low stimulus activity, make a way for it.
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