Not one orgasm during 2018

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by 2018, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Dear fellow Fapstronauts,

    I'm very thankful for this community. Its support is felt deep within the core of my very beeing. We are on a mutually bittersweet ride with challenges few people would even dream of facing voluntarily. I salute you for that bold determination of yours and I'm mighty proud to follow your examples.

    My personal history is that I will refrain from orgasm for one year due to healtreasons. My level of energy is very low and my level of anxiety is very high. By saving my bodily fluids I hope to retain the necessary glanduary activities required for a normal state of energy and anxiety response.

    Regarding my sense of determination I use the same mental technique as when I quit tobacco a year ago.

    First off, I make an evaluation of WHY I should quit. When I'm convinced it will benefit me greatly in the long run if I just hang in there in the short run, I spring into action.

    Action to me means above all, having a ROCK-SOLID COMMITMENT. Meaning beyond the shadow of doubt. That which no obstacle can waver. The "I WILL not succumb to temptation"- attitude.

    And then I let that sink into my heart and mind for a while even informing my neither regions that there will be no more "food" for a year.

    Finally I re-arrange the practicalities, such as removing aphrodisiacs from my diet (just garlic and onions, since I eat mostly vegan), inform and discuss with my friends of my decision and finally install affirmative actions, such as installing the NoFap app share with you brave men and women.

    I don't believe beeing female make my struggles easier, nor more difficult. The urge to orgasm seem universally attractive to both genders, granted there are varieties from person to person.

    For an anxious lady like myself, the sexual release in an orgasm is nothing short of addictive on a biochemical level. Unfortunatly, as are so many other things in this era of decadency, orgasms are illusory factors when it comes to REALLY benefitting ourselves.

    Instead of feeling permanently satisfied, we end up craving more and feeling horrible.

    Smart people, however, don't accept beeing abused. And that's why we met up here. To support and be supported.

    May 2018 be our year!
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    Hey 2018! Super glad you decided to come here, I think coming into this with that kind of mindset is super important! It is also good that you recognize how the brain works in this situation. Personally, something that may help you is making a journal of how PMOing has affected you in bad ways and why you want to stop (my list is like 3 pages long) and after that list, write down what life would be like if you were free from it you you wish to be. On the really tough days I look back at this as a reminder to help
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    Welcome @2018, I'm glad you're here.

    What you wrote above makes a LOT of sense. You're off to a great start!
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  4. Hi there! How incredible that this site exists... and that I stumbled across it! I believe sex, porn and masturbation has ruined a good solid 3/4 of my life (I’m 30) I was introduced to porn at age 8. Holy crap. How shitty is society?! And all the while I thought it was normal because everyone does it. And hey!!!! Shout out to you my vegan friend!!! I’m 6 months animal free
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    Well I was assaulted when I was in Class 2.
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  7. 2018

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    Congrats to meatfree lifestyle. Yes, society is sick. Better to live as naturally as possible. I'm, as always, absolutely sure of victory. I am the captain of this boat, not my genitals.
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