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    So to put it short, I made another thread earlier because..

    I “intentionally” watched p in my dream.

    it was a lucid dream, I was sort of aware it was a dream, and could control it. Is what it means

    I knew I had to stay away from p, but I wasn’t exactly remembering why I had to in the dream. But I knew I could control the dream and I said f it.

    I know that this wouldn’t of happened if I was awake.

    now, even though - I did not touch myself or look at p ONCE in real life. - i feel that I messed up my streak.

    I fear that I ruined my streak and I really don’t want to relapse to make it right and start over. I just can’t afford this.

    my health is at stake. My life is at stake. I don’t have time to mess around like this.

    That’s why I just know if I was fully awake I wouldn’t of thought about watching p or anything.

    it was a dream, but I was lucid.
  2. Just carry on with your streak.
    These are tricks of brain and you need to practice to overcome your thoughts.
  3. Your streak is not hampered.
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    I almost relapsed. I thank you .

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