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  1. I really want to100% I think I have gotton re addicted to very soft porn, I was kidding my self. thinking p-subs is not pron, now that I see this. I really am ready to go one hundred % I am clean all today of the habit, I can not sleep good I might take a few things to help sleep and stop all caffine,...just for the 90 days, also no beer, plus it will help me loose weight. I will just drink tea and eat ice cream! for release.
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  2. I need to let go of my ego, taking the next steps .
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    Youre doing great man. The fact that youre trying is better than millions people on this planet who just go about watching P without questioning it. The fact you keep trying will mean you will eventually get there. We all will! Im on day 7 day after many false starts; but I think im much less addicted as i always start again. Im ready for 90 days.
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    I read about p-subs on here without really understanding it. Like you I learned the hard way.
  5. 1 day, I am feeling really good, really strong, no p-subs the last several hours. feeling more confident that I can do this, no more p in my life.
  6. I give my self credit finally, I see I was hooked to porn. again, thought it was p-sub. and it is hard to give up p. this will be first full day of no p=subs
  7. but your on 16 days, how are you feeling?
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    I'd say I'm ok. I'm feeling a lot more stable and even keeled most of the time than when I relapsed.

    My mood can change from hour to hour. Some days are better than others.

    I have the same discouraging, depressing thoughts of "what's the use" that people post about on here, but I try to remember that will only set me back.

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