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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Alk346, Apr 10, 2018.

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    I came across the attached image on a Youtube video title, "NoFap Timeline - What Happens After 10 Years Of NoFap (2018)". I do not know if its true (my longest streak was 28 days). Feel free to let me know if these are accurate from your experience.

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  2. Thank you for that. I've saved it to my special thumbdrive where I keep all that important stuff.

    It would be dangerous to compare everyone using the above guideline, but there seems to be enough correlation between the stories on here that indicate that a majority (at least 50%) of participants have similar experiences at similar times to those outlined. Personally I'm looking for to the Day 60 and Day 210, although I'll substitute with the Tao Te Ching.
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    I believe it. I'd like to hit 8 days again tho lol... Ugh seperate issue.
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    Just a warning for you: abstaininng from PMO doesn't lead to/ cause happiness and an 'amazing life'. However, the systems that you put in place in your life that can help you succeed with nofap can improve your sense of wellbeing - ie your happiness and your life.
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    Longest streak for me was a genuine 240 days of hardcore no PMO. My entire perspective changed and I do believe I am a completely different person. I strongly believe nofap is a catalyst for becoming the best version of yourself. Even still it's all mental and everyone needs to find their own path. Nofap is not enough on it's own even though it promotes changes in other facets of life.
  6. Thank you @NoBrainer and @Zugzug... er, I mean @Mankrik. I too understand that NoFap by itself will not cause a magical change by itself, and even when I started I made a few small changes in my life (reduced calories, walking to and from work instead of taxis), but this has lead to other, bigger changes that have almost seemed natural. It is a 'catalyst', to other, bigger changes that almost seem natural. There will often be hard paths, but the journey will be worth it - I see that now, even though I've just started.
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