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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Nomoporno, Aug 22, 2017.

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    i think I'm more addicted to pleasuring myself than watching porn, but I need something to look at to get me there so enjoy porn why doing it ?? Possible??
  2. I would say so. Masturbation addiction.
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    I figured masturbation was completely normal , everyone does it right ?
  4. If you are addicted, you are not addicted to porn. No one ever has been. We call it that, but that was because we came up with that term before the neuroscience explained it. You are addicted to dopamine, specifically, a porn induced dopamine rush. Porn = hypersexual thoughts, hypersexual thoughts = dopamine rush. Do that for years, and it becomes addictive.

    People should be required to watch this video.

    Get Educated. Hope this helps. Much love.

    Will I AM
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    Basically you're saying: I need porn to have fun with myself.
    You've found the right place, Nomoporno! Welcome!

    When you see the problem as a dopamine addiction as William suggests, it really makes things easier: it becomes a technical issue, you can learn about it and it has a technical solution. No guilt and no "not sure".

    After you understood your problem yourself you could make your spouse understand it, which would make it much easier for you both. And yes, sex will be better of course. Maybe she'll want it more often then. Or you less.

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