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    Hello Fapstronauts,

    This is the first time I'm writing a forum thread so it's something special for me!

    I want to share with you my NOFAP story.

    So I've heard about NOFAP 6 or 7 years ago. As most of us here, I've realised that I have a Porn Addiction. It wasn't easy for me to accept it but I had to, otherwise I wouldn't be able to change my life.

    I've come to a point where I was doing and only living for this, staying in my dark kingdom and "polishing my sword" everyday. Then I've heard about NOFAP and Pickup. Watched and read A LOT of materials on the internet. It took me roughly 2-3 years to finally get my ass up and start being a brave knight. The moment of truth just came to me like a blessing. I was nothing different from a drug addict.

    It is hard to accept this. There were moments of depression and staying with myself thinking for a loooong period of time. But I believe if you fall hard, this is a chance to stand up and be even tougher.

    I can say NOFAP has literally changed my life. In 2016 I've finally started going out on dates, kissing, touching and fucking girls. Living my life to the full at its best. There were many embarrassing moments of ED, but it helped me being even more hardcore about NOFAP. I've started with a 180 days challenge. Got a girlfriend, fell in love. We were making sex, M and O, but I wasn't watching porn. It sped up the process of recovery a lot. Long story short, after the challenge I relapsed. Then I tried a 90 days challenge. Relapsed more. Then again and again and again.

    Fast forward to today, I've started my most hardcore 90 day NOFAP challenge. Doing no O with a girlfriend is very tough I can say. But I've done it, no f*cking PMO. And then, right at the 89th day mark, I've done something that no wise knight would do.

    I've PMO'd. On the 89th day. I was mad at all this stuff, furious even. I wanted to fall hard and lose myself. I wanted it so I can find myself and become even stronger. And I've done it. When I've PMO'd I've felt such a great relief and flow of energy. I've felt alive. Then I've tried to even more PMO and see how this will affect me. After that I've written the pros and cons for me of doing all this. But first, let me let me explain why I PMO’d.

    For the last 2 years I've been the perfect productive machine. Living on a schedule and managing 100% of my time, meditating, training and reading every.f* Being grateful every day, motivating myself every morning and night. Writing my goals for the day everyday. Doing a side hustle while working on a job I love. Having my girlfriend next to me, socializing with my friends and everything. So what on the planet Earth has led me to this situation?

    It was that I wasn't happy. I was angry that I was meditating and training but my mental and physical health was not 100% okay. When there was a virus, I've been the first guy to get it. I've been doing no PMO, but I've had no sexual interest in my girlfriend or other girls. I've been doing business but I wasn't getting much money and things weren’t ok. So that made me a very passive-aggressive person. There was no emotion in me, from a brave knight I've turned into a robot.

    I've come to a conclusion that you just gotta try NOFAP and then have your OWN conclusions. I've been a very over thinking guy, I've been reading everything before I even made a first step, but I changed that. I've started trying stuff I want and then see the results myself.

    This is my opinion and is based on my results and experiences.
    NOFAP is a great thing to start with and build a solid base for your life. But then you gotta do something from where you can continue progressing as a brave knight in this sexualized world.

    For me, porn is bad because I'm starting to become unproductive, addictive and aggressive towards people, but completely deleting any sexual stuff from my life (pics, thoughts, chats) is destroying me even more. I’m becoming an emotionless aggressive maniac in being productive and I forget about the reason for doing all this stuff: to ENJOY it.

    So I'm in the process of testing new stuff again. I'm happy that I have a new mission in my life. Maybe I have to find a new girlfriend, maybe I have to put myself in more sexual situations and get a little crazy with my life. I don't know what will work and what won’t but I know I will find my way.

    My advice for you is to NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Fall 7 times, stand up 8. The ones who never give up are the real brave knights who will live the life they want. Try new things, see what works for you and then go for it. And never forget to enjoy life. Live for the moment, because you never know when all of this will end. So get out there and get what you want and deserve!

    Now that I've shared all this with ya I am feeling a relief.

    First time publicly sharing personal stuff so be gentle and feel free to comment your thoughts on this.

    Thank you for your attention if you've come this far <3.
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    [QUOTE="superblife, post: 2463417, member

    Thank you for your attention if you've come this far <3.[/QUOTE]

    Nofap is key P is addiction
    Dont get it wrong

    To me you just went through a depression phase nothing more a flatline.

    you fell for it the flatline is part of the recovery.

    You can’t have all the benefits in the world and don’t have the counterpart.

    not watching P doesn’t mean pricing yourself from a healthy sexual lifestyle. You just News to make it healthy not rigid .

    To me and what I understand from your story is that depression,flatline can occurs but it is your responsibility to act on them.

    Understanding why it is happening is the first step.
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    Keep working with your side hustle

    Follow Gary Vaynerchuck if you Need motivation
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    'I've started with a 180 days challenge. Got a girlfriend, fell in love. We were making sex, M and O, but I wasn't watching porn. It sped up the process of recovery a lot'

    Thanks for sharing. This is more proof that you just gotta stop playing the victim, take ownership of your problems, get out meet someone and have a happy life.

    The opposite is usually advised on this forum.
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    Thank you for your tips!

    This is what I’m doing right now, trying to figure out the situation.

    That guy GaryVee has taught me a lot of stuff nobody ever talks about. So hell yeah I’m watching him. I advice all the people here to watch some of his clips. He is the sh*t.
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    Yeah brother exactly vayner nation all the way ahahah we must take control of our life the nofap Is an unfair advantage
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    Thank you for your comment!

    I don’t want it to be like some kind of propaganda, but pickup has helped me a lot about being the best version of myself and stop being a victim.

    The harsh truth is that nobody owes you sh*t. Stop playing the victim and claim everything you ever want in this life. Hold nothing back, be honest and do only the things YOU feel will like.

    Look on the positive side of the things happening to you. A practical thing to do is if something bad happens to you, ask yourself: “What if it was a gift?”. Many bad things that has happened to us are actually the reason what we are today.
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    My Journal
    garyvee is one of my biggest motivation,

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