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  1. BravelyKegger

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    how do you guys fight serious urges?, it seems like when i get them i dont even want to fight them, i know about cold showers but if you dont want to fight it in the moment how do you even make yourself get to the cold showers?.
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    Perhaps your thread title is the problem - not wanting to stop. Figure out exactly WHY you want to stop, and remind yourself of that reason whenever you have urges.
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  3. BravelyKegger

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    its really hard to get your drive back after a relapse, it sucks all your desire out of you.
  4. diesel2256

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    Everyone seems to have something different that works for them, but here's what I do for the especially strong urges:
    -- Read success stories from guys that have beaten this thing
    -- Write down your reasons for quitting. Write down how you feel after you've failed, also write down how you feel when you've succeeded. Return to these thoughts for motivation. Something I'm doing this time around is actually recording myself talking about what I'm doing and why. Haven't done this yet, but I imagine recording yourself saying "I want to fap because urges..." and then watching that is going to be a serious reality check, mostly because it'll sound so pathetic.
    -- Get out of the place you're feeling the urges. I.E., if you're at home, go for a walk.
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