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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Alexander, Jun 4, 2018.

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    @Alexander you can give privileges to users with certain amount of activity on website. Then moderators can come in- in case of a conflict. Something like what stack exchange does.

    I like many other users dont have time to be an official moderator with daily visit but i’d be more than happy when i can.
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    I made that mistake earlier, am new to apologies.
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    Let us help each other. Alexander has great burden of managing so many post that at times he might get annoyed (which is normal for anyone) when so many people are doing things wrong since it takes lots of energy and time to rectify the errors made by so many members. In this regard let's try to educate everyone who is posting wrong stuff in wrong section so that next time They're aware.
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    Hey Alexander, the biggest problem is language. I'm from Belgium and sometimes it's not easy to translate everything. In my own language I can explain better and more accurate.
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    I sit and stare at each section trying to decide where to put my posts, but I get it wrong every time :(
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    If you start punishing people who dont know properly how to work a website because you're too lazy to do admin stuff and put them in right category that is WACK. Everyone here is looking for support and youd be taking that support away because they dont know how to navigate the site? Come on man
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    I know for a fact if I lose posting pprivilegs for miscategorizing something I'll just find a SA meeting or another support website. I dont need my support ripped away from me for stupid things, especially when there arent even communities for people with sexually related anxiety disorders on this website
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    I’ll give you an example of one of our most miscategorized sections: Success stories.

    There are two stickies in that section that are relevant. One is, “What is the success stories section and what goes here (READ BEFORE POSTING).” The other is, “
    30+ days of sexual health improvement required to post your story here & SUCCESS STORIES ONLY.”

    Yet, on a daily basis, we either get users with significantly less than 30 day (like 1-7) or users asking questions.

    As a volunteer moderation team, we have a finite amount of time to resolve issues (this doesn’t address our real life, or our personal recovery). Every post we have to move because of “not knowing how to properly use a website” is time we can’t look for trolls, remove bigotry, etc.

    Every place, including ones such as SA has rules. If you failed to follow SA’s rules, you’d eventually be asked to leave until you were willing to follow them.

    Additionally, part of addiction recovery is learning how to stop wanting everything one’s own way all the time. Following rules instead of demanding it cater to that individual is a part of it.
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    Sounds like a whole lotta "poor me" laziness to me. This community isnt really THAT big. It does not take a lot of time to move one thread to a different category as a moderator (or it shouldnt with decent web structure). It is also not hard to filter this problem with decent coding. Just use an if command related to the amount of days you have your streak to the success stories thread. That way if you aren't at at least say 90 days, you can't post their.
    Idk to me it just seems like a bad idea to alienate people who post in the wrong section. Doesnt really make any sense at all.
  11. Been here for roughly 2 years now. And I can assure you, moderation team is anything but lazy. They do a fantastic job and it is not a lucrative job (although that's not here or there). I am sure most users who stick around long enough to see how things really are will agree with my statement. :) I bid you a nice reboot journey, with or without the forums.
  12. Your posts sound like a lot like that to me. You seem to just want moderators to spend hours indefinitely moving threads due to the laziness of people who couldn't spend a few seconds properly categorizing their posts.
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    This sounds like a lazy moderator post. Again, if a website is set up properly, it doesnt take hours to move something from one thread to another. It should literally take at most 15 seconds per post IF a website is set up decently (depending on internet speed of course).
    Some groups on facebook that have bigger followings than this site have admins read literally every single post before it can even show up on a page, so I do not believe that moderators dont have the 15 seconds it should take. Sorry not sorry
  14. Multiply that 15 seconds for 100,000s of users and thousands who wrongly categorize posts. That's 250 minutes per 1000 posts. Imagine that day after day, for 9 years. Mods are super altruistic for dealing with this, despite the type of entitlement that you're relaying here.
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    Not entitlement, just basic web knowledge. Get more moderators if you cant handle it. It's a pretty simple concept bud. Again there are groups on facebook larger than this that literally look at every post before they can approve it. A lot of people who post on here are literally in a panic when they post so expecting them to be perfect and get it right every time is nonsense. Be smart not bitter
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    Use algorithms to flag potentially wrong categoriZed posts to make it easier.
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  17. We're constantly bringing on mods. Most mods are porn addicts and aren't robots who can process these happily for free everyday for years. Despite continuously bringing mods on, which requires significant time investment, we're consistently underteamed. Not sure if you have a full understanding of the realities of running a site like this.
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