Now I think I finally understand Apple users

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by fapequalsdeath, Jan 4, 2020.

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    Ok, so I've always wondered why people pay for phones which have worse of specs than the competition. And I've noticed that it's mostly vanity - the stupid iphones are fashinable and stupid people prefer them. So why pay more for something that is objectively worse? But now that I look at it you pay for the stability of your software - no glitches or lag, and 5 year software updates. I own an Samsung S8 and they have stopped supporting the latest Android 10. The phone is stuck on 9. So I won't be ablew to use it for 5 years. I've also spoken with a friend and he says that on MAC you get more stability - imagine if you render your work for hours and it crashes? I've had such occasions in Windows 10 in my professional and personal life and it fucking sucks.
    So apart being a little bit overpriced than the competition it offers at least peace of mind for longer periods of time at least. I might swap to an iphone who knows.
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    You will probably be able to use a custom rom for your phone so that it says up to date. That’s the magic with android.

    i dont use an iPhone but I do own an ipad and it’s a really nice spec wise and also software wise (even though iPad 13 is the buggiest release to far), it replaced my computer for browsing the web.
    Also I have a MacBook from 2012 and I still use it daily for work. I replaced the ram, hdd, battery, some keys and I removed the dvd drive to add another hard drive.
    I’m just starting to consider the new MacBook 16’’ but I don’t really need it yet.
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    You are right about apple users

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