Now My Watch BEGINS...(66 days reboot)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Av., Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut

    Today on 25/08/2020 I am starting my 66 days no PMO journey.Tried many times to quit PM but serious intent was lacking in those attempt. This time I am going to tackle it with WAR mindset.

    Here I will post a short daily summary of battle with Myself.

    Now my watch BEGINS. Shivaji_Maharaj.jpg
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  2. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut


    Nothing to write much pretty normal day is ending going to end this day soon.
    Also trying to maintain early rise, had noticed in past late night there is a high chance to be attracted towards Porn and Masturbation.
    and one more thing noticed You tube shows really explicit Ads(mostly related to games and video streaming sites) in my feed( I have disabled personalize Ads).
  3. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut


    Normal day got some erotic thoughts in afternoon but very low intensity easily avoided.
    Getting up @4:30Am cycling approx 15 km feeling good very positive outlook for future.
    and one more thing thinking of getting off social media completely lets see whether I go for it or not.
  4. stayindulged/withGOD

    stayindulged/withGOD Fapstronaut

    I’m a fan of GOT so this got my attention. I’m on day 13 so would I start from now or day 1?
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  5. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut

    Valar Morghulis,Welcome to the Watch.
    As Maester Av I will suggest you should start with #13th day . :)
  6. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut


    Missed my morning rise, woke up at 10:00 am Cause - Mobile use till 1 am such a shitty thing.
    On positive side No Faping is going good got few erotic thought triggered my a pic(Sunny Leons :) ) on Twitter.
    And one more important resolve is undertaken by me Decided to quit SM completely.
    Deactivated all accounts and made a new anonymous Twitter account just to follow some eminent people and getting some quality knowledge/news will cap it's uses to max 30min a day.
  7. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut


    Forgot to write in night. No faping is going great.
    Others fronts Early rise,Quit SMs are going rough,but I Will concoure them as well.
    day was normal no erotic excitement happend.
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  8. Jarad999

    Jarad999 Fapstronaut

    Keep going dude!!
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  9. PMOare4SoyBoys

    PMOare4SoyBoys Fapstronaut

    Yo I'm on day 4 as well going onto day 5. Usually the times I crave PMO the most is before I go to sleep as it often allows me to drift onto sleep a bit easier. Because of this my body has adapted to this bad habit and my goal now is to be able to break the cycle and fall asleep without having to rely on it.
  10. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the support bro.
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  11. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut

    I will suggest that you should try to burn your excessive energy before going to bed.
    I try to do this by Cycling if I miss my morning session I make sure I burn all my energy 2-3h before bed time and I also avoid any Mid day nap.
    I had noticed that I get excited around midnight. so i decided to sleep early and getup early( not going smoothly though).

    Keep fighting we will WIN.
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  12. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut


    Almost the repeat telecast of Day 4 missed all my targets except No faping(thank god)..:p
    Got triggered for 2 min when i came across a pic of Kardarshians (bitches) but successfully controlled my emotions :cool:
    Today I m more strongly resolving about my Early rise schedule and I am promising that "I will get up tomorrow @4:30am and will to a 25km cycling first thing".
    will post a pic of workout in tomorrows summary :emoji_smirk_cat:
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  13. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut

    Normal day nothing to write about no excitement whatsoever.
    Got up @5:15 am ( it aint bad considering i slept after 00:00).
    Started my 25km Cycling challenge but selected a bad day for this challenge because weekends are lock-down which I had forgotten. none the less I did the max I can. Screenshot_20200830_212647.jpg
  14. Av.

    Av. Fapstronaut

    A hectic day didn't even had proper time for food forgot about faping
    Didn't slept very nicely yesterday got a bit anxious don't why thought about watching some porn but resisted successfully.
    Going good but missed my daily other targets.

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