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    Disclaimer - I want to describe my sexual behavior but by doing so I could accidentally trigger somebody, so if you are still at the beginning better skip it.

    My fetish is nudism.
    Ideally, I would be naked all the time. Every year I spent at least 2-3 weeks in a nudist camp. It is liberating, yes also natural! The feeling I feel when I can be naked 24/7 is ecstatic. And everybody is naked. It is like paradise really. I was wondering how on earth is not anybody into nudism? For me, people which are wearing bathing suits were just plain idiots. I was really feeling pity for them as I walked through their camp (which is next to the nudist resort).

    The problem is that I was (am still) too fixed on the sexual aspect of being naked. With all my girlfriends, we made erotic and sexy images of ourselves on nude beaches. After I came back home, I started gradually posting them online. Now the internet is full of them. There is no way back. The damage is done. There are luckily mostly softcore. Nobody that I know of noticed them so far, or they did but didn't tell.
    At home, I would look for hours and hours for pictures of nudist woman and couples (and most of the time find myself and my girlfriends on the internet)
    The images that turned me on are mostly softcore amateur photos of nudists that had no idea that their pictures would end on the internet.
    Once I even found images of me and my girlfriend that some voyeur, a peeping Tom took in secret. Instead of being shocked that really turned me on. I wished at that time maybe he took more of them.
    Also, I would post my nudist pictures again and again - whenever I would feel horny. Then I would read the comments and get aroused.

    I still don't know how to conquer my addiction to nudism.
    I will stop looking at porn obviously, but I want to remain a nudist. A normal one.
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  2. Hi Hermin,

    I'm not sure if you'd like this but I would say 'dress more' :)

    Joking aside, if nudism has become part of the addiction, I think you will find it difficult to separate from the lustful aspect of it if you really want to get over it in an impactful way.

    For myself, I can see how I need to go really deep into contemplation and looking into what I'm doing, if I want to change my course at least a bit. And I'm not saying your case is the same, it may be easier for you to get out but you can assess that yourself by seeing how much you can resist the temptation, fantasies and all that.

    I think, take your time and really see honestly with yourself what is happening, where you are going. But if you find that any behaviour is 'tainted' with that unhealthy urge and is bringing you down, don't feel like you are completely tied to it only because you enjoy an aspect of it.

    With nofap, I feel like we do restrict ourselves in a way, even beyond just pmo. But that's because addictive behaviour is not only in pmo, it's in our ways, in our style of living. This is why when we want to change, that change in behaviour will inevitably touch other aspects of our lives. It can affect our whole life if we see the need and the requirement for it.

    So I wish you much strength to look into it and don't be afraid to cut things off. This can be liberating, but see honestly what has brought you down so far, what is bringing you down now. Where you want to be.

    And just on another note, I think it's good to also think about what you share on the internet and why. There can be a lot of excitement in that, but it's good to think how many people it could potentially affect and encourage a behaviour the we ourselves would rather be free from.

    Best wishes,
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    Being a nuhdist isn’t a problem it’s a preference. It is the porn and voyeurism that is the issue. Surround yourself with likeminded people and keep it classy
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  4. The nude body is a beautiful thing but oversexualizing it can be a big problem. I see no problem with nudism but when it becomes a fetish maybe you need to unpack what makes it so sexual for you?
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    It has to do with my sex drive. I think the main problem is that my girlfriend was less horny as me, and that led me to be even hornier... After a week in a nudist camp, my girlfriend made all kind of excuses for not to have sex, and I was going crazy. And I am looking good, I am athletically building, tall, etc. I think the most simple solution is to change the girlfriend. So to answer your question: I was oversexualizing it simply because I didn't get enough sex. Actually, your question helped me understand my problem better.
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    Have some shame, just remember it may feel like paradise but its not. Its a temporary life that only God knows when it will end. So you into nudism but think when this life ends and the eternal life begins you would have commited yourself to hell. I know some people dont like religious views but its the truth which people dont want to admit.

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