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  1. Frenchboy76

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    I had these symptoms (urethra burning sensation when peing and numb penis) in a first time (you can read the beginning of my first post). Then i waited few weeks and sensations came back. But the day the sensations came back i masturbated twice and then the current symptoms appeared.
    I think i'm in a worse situation than yours, and you are in the same situation that i was just before the day it started for me.
    I would advise you to rest, not to touch your penis, and not to masturbate/ejaculate during a few weeks.
    For me, i unfortunately think that i have crossed the red line...
  2. dxoutkast

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    I'll follow your advice. I think my penis is trying to heal. Hopefully sensations will come back like yours did.

    I see someone say on reddit that after 8 years, he was able to cure it..with reverse kegels+yoga position to stretch the pelvic floor, and combining with what I've read about supplements that helped and some other things that can be related, I combined those into a full routine.

    ● Reverse Kegels
    ● Yoga Position to Strech the Pelvic Floor
    ● Physical Therapy and M.A.T (Muscle Activation Techniques)
    ● Therawand

    (Body Healing Support)
    ● Multivitamin

    (Open up hypertonic/contracted state)
    ● Citrulline 2g (morning)
    ● Arginine (every other day, night)

    (Restore and Regenerate Nerve Cells)
    ● Ginkgo Billoba, Vitamin C 2000mg, magnesium 400mg, B-Vitamin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine (300mg), Methylcobalamin 1,3g (sublingual), Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Vitamin D.

    (Grow New Nerve Cells)
    ● Retinoic Acid
    ● N-acetyl-cysteine
    ● CDP-Choline

    (Healing The Prostate)
    ● I've read on reddit a guy that made a research on this, changed his diet and acquired medicine in order to starve the bacteria which was causing a chemical reaction in the pelvic floor, resulting in a block of blood flow. He said he got immediate results and got rid off HF in a matter of 2-4 weeks after 8 years.

    (Dissolve scar issues)

    ● using DMSO and iodine

    (Heal the Corpus Spongosium)
    ● Google: Erectile Dysfunction Secondary to a Posttraumatic Corpus Cavernosum-
    Spongiosum Fistula Treated by a Cellular Matrix Interposition

    Soft Glans / Glans Insufficiency Syndrome
    ● Vaccum Therapy
    ● Medication
    ● Surgery on the ligate veins

    (Other options)

    ● Suspentory ligament
    ● Dorsal penile vein ligation
    ● Venous leakage
    ● Urethral dilation/urethral stricture
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  3. dxoutkast

    dxoutkast Fapstronaut

    Did you feel soft glans too at beginning? As if it wasn't connected to the base, no sensation, no blood flow and too soft and flexible? And went back to normal after some weeks? But you f up by masturbating again?
  4. Frenchboy76

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    All the penis felt too soft, as if it was disconnected from the rest of the body.

    Now i would describe the penis sensation as hardflaccid, turtling, shrinking. And base of penis very tight and hard. And testicles/scrotum no more hanging loose. As if a muscle spasm was always rising up the genitals, and making them numb.
  5. WeWillHeal

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    Hello guys. I made an account just to post on this thread.

    I am not really doing NoFap, but I unfortunately I have been experiencing penis numbness myself. I am sure it was due to a vigorous masturbation session and the consequence of not being fully erect. I went too fast, and was too horny lol.,

    Let this be a lesson to everyone not to masturbate in the conventional way. If you want to masturbate learn how to do a lingham massage on yourself, it's not hard. It's very safe - google lingham massage, plenty of websites that teach you how to do it.

    If you look into Tantric philosophy, you will see that masturbation is prohibited, but a lingham massage is not.

    dxoutkast that was a good supplement list. you might want to add in Zinc, Maca, Tribulus and Raw Garlic with honey on an empty stomach in the morning you will definitely see improved circulation with that. The bad breath can be cured with having some fruits after/lemon water. But it's totally worth it. Garlic has amazing healing properties.

    Frenchboy76 can we know what supplements you are taking? The supplements mentioned by dxoukast is a good start.
    Plus how is your diet, nutrition, sleep and exercise?
    You mentioned you were depressed? How is that now?
    Depression can affect the penis.

    You mentioned that you regained sensation after 2 weeks but masturbated again in the same way. The fact that you regained sensation means you can heal. But please never masturbate again. If you want to look into lingham massage, which I mentioned before.

    But you have to work towards it - supplements, exercise, nutrition (think lots of garlic, honey, onions and ginger - all of these have tremendous healing properties), coming out of depression/anxiety, sleeping well are key in your recovery.
    If you don't have these order then don't expect to heal.

    Also you can apply a hot towel to your dick 3-4 times a week, it's very good for circulation. And look into purchasing vitamin e/castor oil/virgin coconut oil and apply it on that area - that will also aid in regenerating nerves.

    Remember that the body has an amazing capacity to heal, and that you can heal. You have to believe that.

    I have some further advice with what yoga exercises and poses but first lets stick with the basics and let us know how you are doing on that. Thank you.
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  6. jelqinggonewrong

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    I ended up on this site due to an injury I ended up having through jelqing. For a year now, I've been only stretching my penis, with seemingly great results. Easier and fuller erections. However, a week ago I performed other exercises as shown here:

    First round, about a week ago, went great and already achieved great results. Second round last wednesday not so much: There were red dots and a bigger red blotch visible on my shaft at the sides and bottom centre at two thirds of the length. I also noticed a numbness and coldness in my glans which deteriorated through the day.

    Today (friday): The red spots disappeared after two days, but the coldness/numbness remains. I also noticed my penis having a distinct bend to the left now.

    I'm afraid I've done some permanent damage here. I keep my penis warm and keep the blood circulation flowing by massaging it which seem to improve my symptoms. Also the bend is less distinct now. I'm taking vitamin C, B12 and omega 3 supplements.

    Reading this post and other forums has made me afraid of having to deal with this permanently. I'm seeing my physician next monday, but now I'm thinking I might have to go to the ER to have this checked out. What should I do?
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  7. lukasz86

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    Hi, I am writing to you from Poland so I use a translator. Just reading this thread has calmed me down because I thought I was alone in the world with this problem :(

    I have identical symptoms. Once, on demand, it stood like a pole. Then something happened. Erections getting weaker when masturbating and finally even a problem during real sex. I am 33 years old, the problem has been going on for 26 years. I have done millions of tests, visited urologists, sexologists, psychiatrists, naurologists, I have resonance tests of the spine, head and pelvis. There are no changes and the problem is, I don't know where to look for the cause anymore, I think the problem is with penile innervation because I feel weak stimuli. Both in the place where it was shown here in the second photo (the place between the scrotum and the penis from below) and on the acorn. There, I have almost no feeling :(

    There are no morning erections and once they are weak, sometimes when you manage to have sex in the evening, the morning erection appears, as if something is moving and temporarily working and then again the state returns to zero. I feel a weak member once I had numbness in the testicles. Now it is gone but the feeling has not returned for so many years. I am looking everywhere, even on foreign forums. Has anyone managed the problem? I have an appointment with a physiotherapist in a week, waiting for salvation.
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  8. Frenchboy76

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    We are on the same boat man...

    Do you feel tension in the pelvic floor ? Do your testicles hang as they were ? Mines are always retracted and high....

    The base of penis feels weak.
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  9. ultrafabber

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    This is very interesting, my experience is extremely similar to yours. The difference would be that i didn't even notice the "disconnect" of my penis and went along for over a decade or even more.

    I did not FEEL anything during sex (oral or vaginal). It's like my penis stopped existing. I could tell it's there like you can tell an arm that went numb (because you slept on it) is there but that was it.

    There was not spatial awareness of where my penis was, if that makes sense. If anything it felt more like a nail (something that has no nerve endings).

    I too had various checkups and nothing was found.

    I used to get 100% erections even with this problem but in the last 2 years that no longer happened and i needed "help" from my hand to get firm erections. I also got peyronie.

    The thing is, i used to think that i didn't feel anything during sex because i was socially anxious, but i bought a realistic fleshlight to test this and i had the exact same experience (no sensation). After using it a couple of times i start getting some sensation. It is dim but it is there, so i am hopeful.

    I think that for people that start with masturbation and masturbate a lot but don't have sex .... they do not learn to "feel" with their penis but rather with their hand.
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  10. lukasz86

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    I still feel that my pelvic muscle is tight, which is responsible for urine retention. If I try to relax it, I pee. I don't feel anything in my penis, neither how urine is getting close, nor how it flows when it urinates. My stomach hurts too.
    I tried to make a reverse kegel, but I have no control over these muscles.
    I have the impression that my problems began with changing jobs and sitting in a chair for a long time. I felt my buttocks speak. Sometimes I also fell asleep with a full bladder. I had a situation that in order to urinate I had to leave the house because these were the conditions. Sometimes I didn't feel like doing it, falling asleep with blisters full. I do not know now whether the body has made any strange changes and I involuntarily put everything together, and if I want to relax my muscles, my urine is leaking. I also don't have acorn sensation. When I touch the scrotum with a spoon, it is cold. When I don't feel for acorns. either either I have an injury to the glans themselves or my pelvic muscles have taken away the feeling of pressure. Once upon a time, my testicles were numb. When I was sleeping, I put a pillow under my knees because I felt discomfort. Sometimes the groin on the thigh also hurts from the inside. Most often after injection.
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