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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Ajar, May 28, 2021.

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    I was having a thought. What if that feeling of life just not moving forward is just really life telling you something. So Ive thought about my caffeine use alot, my abuse of supplementations, etc. I think it stems from me feeling I am not moving in life. Because when I take that supplement, or that drug, or that caffeine it makes me feel like I am getting ahead a little. To bring it down to a fundamental level, its like when youre feeling a compulsion to do something, that release, its to release the pressure of the life energy within you trying to help you move forward, it is literally Life in its fundamental aspect.

    When you take that compulsive activity, its like you have a giant water pipe driving pressure within you to do something with life, but when you take that compulsion action, drug, it takes diverts the pressure for some time, it helps "Take off the edge" in a sense. But if you can become a part of the pressure, and become enveloped within it, essentially becoming enveloped with life, that will drive you far in life. You will do something phenomenal and worthwhile.

    I think that pressure, when associate negatively, is called depression. In that perspective it kind of empowers you whether you want to be happy or unhappy.
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    Yes! This is good!
  3. I like that slant. There's this guy I came across through one of my oldest best friends when I was going through one of the hardest periods in my life. His name is Jost Sauer and he is a healer, ex-addict who has found the way through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He wrote a book called 'Higher and Higher' (it's really great book for anyone recovering from addiction and I highly recommend it. It's an inspiring read, I promise, and no, I'm not making any money off this sale), and in it he speaks something similar to what you are expressing, I feel, and it's about finding that 'freeflow' in life. And often we look for it through drugs etc, because they offer us (temporarily) that state where we are not in the space of ego. We are free to flow, but these states are not natural, obviously.

    Sports people in the height of their game often refer it. We get it sometimes when driving or walking, meditating or doing something when all of a sudden we realise that we have gone a certain distance, or done something, but have no idea or recollection of how we got there. We were in an absolute pure meditative state. It's the ultimate state of expression to be in, but it's rare and maybe you are describing something like this? Maybe this is what you are talking about?

    I'm interested to know more?
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