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  1. Unjustfailure

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    What kind of substances or food or other external factors (besides nofap itself) could make even worse the effect of hangover after relapsing?

    Symptoms like
    feeling like avoiding anything that has even slightest complexity,
    not being careful of what I say, having light sensitivity,
    getting tired very quickly,
    although not moving not to be able to relax or sleep?

    I've lost more than 4 weeks in the row without doing anything. Of course that's not the only reason but this is a specific question
  2. Crimson

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    I think a good diet is important like gotta be healthy man just stick to eatting meat vegetables fruits spices and herbs like try and stay away from gluten foods like we are we eat if we eat like shit it's gonna make us feel like shit it also helps beacuse I find eating better is good for when your going through a flatline stage
  3. me to, got to stop masturbating, I get to tired, and I can not think clearly, besides, I get tired of being selfish.
  4. thereal

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    consider going vegan! if you do, just take b12 and eat a balanced diet. i've noticed a huge increase of energy. also consider getting mostly offline.
  5. Unjustfailure

    Unjustfailure Fapstronaut

    It is so funny when I was in shape I used to run every day 10km in half an hour before I hit the gym and after relapsing I barely want to get out of the house
  6. Crimson

    Crimson Fapstronaut

    I guess beacuse you just exsperienced an orgasm with porn so like it's a bigger hit everything else in the world just seems boring in comparssion like there is such little reward compared to it
  7. Daddyfats23

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    You have to have a routine!! Sleep same time eat same time workout same time at least for first 14 days of. NoFap and after relapses you must snap out of it!!
    Diet : try to start a 16/8 fasting diet only eat within 8 hours a day after a while you force yourself to eat twice within that 8!hours you don't feel hungry anymore!! Helps with metabolism and dopamine receptors healing which is crucial in reboot!!
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