NYC. 23m. Sex positive, seeking open-minded, highly motivated AP

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    I'm a painter in NYC with lots of things I need to get done within my lifetime. I'm concerned with self-actualization and world-actualization. Global unity, harmony, peace on earth etc. Let's all get along. Let's all let go of our fears and divisions and make art for each other.

    I'm open to all forms of sexuality, into pyschedelics, alternative medicine/politics/music. Having a deep-rooted position on any topic and getting all worked up about it is usually a trap.

    I like systems thinking a lot--that is, not getting worked up about issues and finger-pointing, but simply understanding why things work the way they do and then tweaking whatever is causing the problem.

    PMO is a huge waste of time for me and keeps me from facing my deepest fears. I sense my potential and see that my reliance on PMO is keeping me from moving on. It's time to move.

    Please tell me about your attitudes about life, religion, etc. It's important that we're on the same page, or at least the same chapter. :)
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    Hey man, I think we would relate quite a bit. I live in the Hudson Valley, upstate NY. I've been battling PMO since 2014, I am 25 years old now. I quit smoking weed in 2013 and haven't smoked at all since. Removing weed completely increased my PMO frequency and brought to light that I have a problem. I want to put PMO in the past and move on with my life. I've realized that the best version of myself is obtainable if I can finally kick this addiction. My longest streak is 6 months and I have a lot of experience on this topic, especially with self awareness. I'm open minded, not judgmental, spiritual and into psychedelics.

    A lot of people here use the app Kik to chat on, my username is MarkTheBestVersion if you want to chat on there.

    Also my girlfriend is an artist(painter/sculptor/performance artist/violinist) and she has inspired me to be more creative. I've been dabbling in writing screen plays, painting and piano. It's been a lot of fun and surprisingly therapeutic.

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