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  1. hoody315

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    Pretty new here. I had a question about objectifying women. I would say in my day to day life, I probably objectify women more often than I dont.

    Just starting, I wonder if people have noticed that during their nofap journey, does this objectifying get stronger because we aren't releasing?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong place to post)
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  2. romeolima

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    Hello there, it's a fair question.

    Since I started my porn free journey I this has been one of my biggest challenges. I think you're right that without that avenue of porn it can cause an increase in objectifying, but I have found that as I've gone on my porn craving has reduced so has by objectification of women. That's not to say it's disappeared, it hasn't, but I do feel I've got more control over it.

    At this stage in your journey I wouldn't worry about it, just try to file it away. Eventually you will find yourself turning your mind away from it in the same way that I click closed triggering images. I don't consider it a relapse if I have the self control to close the browser or thought down.

    Good luck.
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  3. porsche4life

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    I only objectify women that are sluts and prostitutes. I know I shouldn't but because they choose to live that lifestyle I see them this way. However, I do not objectify prostitutes that are in someway forced into this type of life, just those that have a choice to live a different life but decide this one.
  4. Shreyrathod

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    This is biggest problem objectifying women or girl.
    I am also objectifying and i don't want to do this please help me
  5. hoody315

    hoody315 Fapstronaut

    It happens at work, at stores, everywhere.
    I never act on it though. The only person who has acknowledged they can see it is my on and off again girlfriend. I didnt realize until the other day when she said something.
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  6. Clean Willy

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    Sadly, I have the same problem with this. I work in a shop and as girls and women bend over and reach for things their boobs can become prominent. :rolleyes: I find it really hard when this happens. But I have nearly got to 2 months there is a change. How I see the changes is that they are more like people to me rather than a pair of breasts! :eek: I hope you are determined to keep right away from masturbation and porn. If you can do that for 6-8 weeks, you will experience a change for the better. ;)
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  7. Same here man. Ive always done it but i think its worse after quitting pmo. Whenever i see women at work, stores, restaurants, in their cars, im checking them out top to bottom, looking at all their features, then make a decision on whether i would bang them. The majority of the time its a "yes" lol.
  8. Fallensoldier1

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    Unfortunately yes I have struggled with it and if I’m honest. The longer my streaks the more in general I have. That’s one of my biggest issues is lusting after women in public. My desire to watch P has very much gotten better in my longer streaks. But women are everywhere and dressed so sexy, it’s so hard for me.
  9. PurpleMoon

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    I think it varies as far as objectifying goes during this journey. Porn in itself is very objectifying. All the categories and porn is very racial. There is no feelings in porn except just lust.
    I think if you have been viewing porn for quite some time it is normal that you develop from it this weird picture of a woman. Continue the journey and actually question your thoughts regarding women.
    If the objectification leads you to a relapse then it is a trigger for you. Try having small talk or actually getting to know a person first.

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