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Ocd... help.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Pathofsuccess_1, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. Pathofsuccess_1

    Pathofsuccess_1 Fapstronaut

    I started my streak yesterday and I’ve been doing good since. Almost at 24 hours.

    but this ocd that kept me binging before the streak started is bothering me.

    like I’ll have thoughts like “I have to do it to reset the streak and keep it a clean perfect streak” because of thoughts I had during relapse or because of the way I did it or what I was watching.

    I’ve been trying to divert the thoughts of ocd relapsing again because I am literally done with fapping. But it’s hard.

    can someone give me advice? I’m not ruining this for anything.
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  2. Dsnfouad

    Dsnfouad New Fapstronaut

    Everytime you got an order to do something from ocd because you were forced to do it and then you successfully finish it you will feel relaxed like the most happy man on earth for a little while and then all of a sudden the ocd appear again convencing you that you need to do another thing repeatedly correctly so that i will let you have your peace with your mind and repeating again and again, if you don't do what ocd told you to do then your mind will feel like there's a magma inside unable to think clearly, you will feel very anxious, overthinking a lot and your eyes vision will be weak and blurry too because ocd doing a drama in your mind telling you unwanted thoughts or orders from ocd that has been rejected by you when you tried to resist the unwanted thoughts, like why didn't you do that just why! Now i will make your heart explode with unwanted thoughts like something bad will happen if you don't do what i told you to do.

    Living your life with your wierd unwanted thoughts and mind with ocd fighting you every day you sure will see death as a blessing by the time goes.

    The true and the only way to beat ocd or any kind of mind voice or unwanted forced thoughts is to never listen or pay any attention to it never do what ocd or any unwanted voice tell you to do even if you suffer or fall on the ground suffering because the more you listen or Obey the stronger it will be, Everytime you pay attention to it or think about the thoughts of ocd because it bother you the more you will feed it.
  3. D12323

    D12323 Fapstronaut

    Just wanted to say I also suffer from OCD and relate very much. Im actually watching a video on it now by the channel “OCD and Anxiety” definitely reccomend checking him out.
  4. Sleeperhead

    Sleeperhead Fapstronaut

    Porn addiction recovery is not so linear as to go from 0-90 days in one go. What you are describing is not really OCD, it is just the false belief that you need to go on the perfect streak that causes you to view porn when you don't really feel like it.

    In my opinion viewing porn when you don't have the mega urge is one of the worst things that you can do. When you binge to porn over and over until the point where you don't feel like it, you are not really getting it out of your system. You are simply desensitising yourself to porn to where your brain's receptors are depleted. What happens in the next few days after is that your receptors slowly return to normal and you inevitably relapse again then you binge again and you don't make progress.

    It is chronically high dopamine levels that result in brain changes associated with addiction, most notably sensitised pathways so that you get extra pleasure from porn. This is where the mega urges for porn come from that wouldn't otherwise be present in a non-addict. The guy that only views porn several times a week has a much easier time abstaining than the guy who views porn 3 times a day...

    The objective therefore is not to go on a 0-90 day streak, for a lot of guys this is literally impossible. It is a better target to reduce the amount of stimulation you get from porn as much as possible. You need to be maximising the amount of time between each porn session as much as possible, even after you relapse. You need to avoid bingeing over and over. When you look at porn you must get it over and done with as soon as possible to the least stimulating thing possible. If you go on a hour long bingeing session cycling through many hardcore videos then you will inevitably get hit by the chaser effect, and your brain will be flooded with dopamine.

    Your dopamine levels are at their highest at the last porn session of a binge. You have to flood your brain with so much dopamine to get aroused because your dopamine receptors are so depleted at that point. It is at this point where the addiction is at its most severe.
  5. DesertExplorer

    DesertExplorer Fapstronaut

    Why do you want to quit porn?

    I'm asking because when I see such posts, I think that the decision to stop forever this behavior hasn't been made strongly enough.

    I have OCD too so I understand what you're describing perfectly. Streaks cause binging, whether you want to go for the perfect streak or you have to face a broken one. You either need to let go of counting days or at least set different streaks (one for PMO, one for watching, one for searching for stuff, one for masturbating, one for thoughts, etc.)

    But for any strategy to work, you must understand why you have decided to give up porn. No strategy will work if there's no will to execute it. Can you share your reasons so I can help you better?
  6. I have pure O and I can say that PMO is awful for it. In 2019, I hardly watched porn at all and had a beautiful few months free from pure O. But after 2-3 PMOs, I have an awful 2-5 days of PMO and then it slowly fades as the weeks pass. I found that as the days pass, your OCD thoughts get weaker and you won't care about the perfectionism-OCD thoughts as much.
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