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    I have been having some much trouble getting over this really bad experience I had with Weed . I decided to give it a try and basically has increased my anxiety problems leaving me with even more to be anxious about .

    I am having a big issues with OCD or whatever it's called when you have negative thoughts about past drama . Perhaps that's PTSD .

    These thoughts easily trigger a negative feeling in my entire body (mainly stomach )

    I am also suffering from

    Panic Attacks
    OCD .

    This has all come from past traumas . I am having such a hard time getting over it .

    Medicine doesn't work . I might try acpunture .
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    I suggest talking to a therapist or maybe a psychiatrist. I think that maybe you should do an online test about OCD to determine whether or not you have it.
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    Therapy with Psychologist and Psychiatrist is helpful, just make sure you get guidance that aligns with your values and feels right. Sometimes these people just pump you with medicine and its hard to find practitioners that genuinely care about your needs holistically. I went through several until I found the right ones, don't be afraid to do the same but regardless, I encourage you to seek professional help if you can.

    Professional help is not the only solution though, you can also work on yourself but this is very very very hard and it requires an iron will because these states can be quite overwhelming. Immediate things which you can do is to change your diet and lifestyle. Read The UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman which shows scientifically how most psychological issues, OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Schizophrenia are actually fuelled by our destructive lifestyles which modern society calls normal. Just this lifestyle change alone takes a great inner strength because society is moving in the opposite direction.

    A more long-term suggestion is meditation based on self-observation, this will help you to disidentify from the torturous thoughts which never end causing absolute hell in your mind and life. I know, I've been there; I was diagnosed with severe OCD when I started taking too much drugs and alcohol and told that I have little hope of recovery and the best thing for me to do is manage it for life.

    Today I am practicing the UltraMind Solution and I have come of all my medications 100% and I am improving. The OCD has also awoken me to deep psychological and subconscious issues that I must resolve, and I have begun to do the great work. If you do not face them and resolve them they will destroy your life so its better to get going with your recovery otherwise you will live a miserable life and die in that same miserable state which will only get worse over time. It seems impossible, I know, but it can be done and it all depends on how badly you want to heal.

    I wish you all the best! ;)
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    Are they really fueled by our modern day "normal" lifestyle?
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    Yes, especially if there is sensitivity or predisposition.

    By "normal" I mean overexposure to blue light on electronic devices, getting less sleep than you need, consumption of normal foods which contain toxins such as sugar, gluten, additives, chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides), hormones, caffeine (in excessive amounts) and more. This is all found in normal fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, pastry, junk food (of course) and condiments. To avoid toxic food is a deliberate choice and lifestyle change and takes a bit of work. Then there is the need for exercise, sleep and relaxation which is not encouraged in "normal" life especially when you start working as in my case.

    Lifestyle is not the entire solution but its vital great enabler. There is a reason why professional athletes train and live in certain environments. Why education takes place in certain environments. To achieve certain levels of success or progress we need the right environment and this environment is not encouraged in our personal lives, we have to create it for ourselves but it is absolutely worth it especially when healing our psyches! To live with a damaged brain and broken psyche is absolute torture, every day is hellish but it is not impossible to overcome and it can be done for real.

    When you start winning the battle (which takes time and is different for each person) you end up authentically happier and in control of your own life for a change! This is priceless.

    Here's examples of what I'm talking about:

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    Thanks for sharing man. I know that a lifestyle change is needed in order for me to be more successful in life and progress as an individual. Albeit difficult, it's worth it. Have your OCD symptoms decreased?
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    Yeah, they've decreased for sure, I'd say 70%. Like I said, I'm off all of my medication - not one is left!
    The medication helped me in the beginning because it was very bad at first, it was terrible and I was suicidal, I couldn't do anything. The medication helped me stabilise myself and while I was getting stable I read as much as possible on self-healing. I took the medication for a year and half then I started going off the medication because if you take it for too long you become dependant and then it complicates your life further with unwanted side-effects.

    What I did was to start practicing the UltraMind Solution and once I got the rhythm of it I stopped the medication and it was pain-free. I am not 100% perfect though, some days I am invited to dinner and then I end up having cake and junk food - true story - its easier said than done. I still mess up and make mistakes but I am always guided by the following words of James Allen:

    "If you fail ten times, do not be disheartened. If you should fail a hundred times, rise up and pursue your way. If you should fail a thousand times, do not despair. When the right Path is entered, success is sure if the Path is not utterly abandoned. First strife, and then victory. First labor, and then rest. First weakness, and then strength. In the beginning the lower life, and the glare and confusion of battle, and at the end the Life Beautiful, the Silence, and the Peace." - James Allen​

    The aim in this journey is simply to dedicate ourselves to our healing and to never give up when we face temptations, opposition, challenges and even failure. We just keep going and over time, life improves beyond your wildest dreams. You can know true joy and happiness, don't doubt yourself.
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