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  1. 1. Wikipedia: I mentioned some articles that you can read, if they don't make you suspicious, then have a happy life my friend.
    2. I am talking about the journalist, who was invited by RT. She has publications on that topic, she did the research, so I don't have to. If she was wrong, the system would rip her apart. She is my source, not RT. Obviously she would never by invited by mainstream media.
    3. You have no proof for your claim that there are more homicides in the US because the factor is 1.2 You assume that if they only had 0.3 as Switzerland, or if they were not allowed to carry them around, then it would be fine, but you have no evidence at all. (What's the point of having a gun at home and not being allowed to carry it? Wouldn't that allow a totalitarian state to take control despite the fact that people have guns? Think it through and come back to me.
    4. Referenda are in your mind, completely wrong --- that's good for you, I am not sure the Swiss care about your opinion.
    5. I quoted "plot" because your plot is shitty. You should have used a logarithmic x-scale. But all you were trying to do is to introduce your own personal bias by showing how far off the US is.

    go away now! I don't need you to take me seriously.
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  2. @Vendettana you went completely off the rails man. You can't focus and change subjects in a haphazard way. I'll do this one more time to correct you because I liked some of your earlier posts.
    I don't understand why are you telling me this? How is it relevant? The wiki table uses as the source this paper: apparently made by Swiss researchers. If you have proof that it's factually incorrect, let's see it.

    Just so you know, if a wiki article makes you 'suspicious', you can provide correct information.
    Right, I'm guessing. But it seems to me I'm very likely right. Or are the US being an extreme outlier in both homicide rate and firearm count unconnected facts? And Switzerland's low murder rate has nothing to do with their regulatory system? Let's hear your theory, Sherlock.

    If there's a coup in the making you'll obviously use the gun regardless of the law lol. As long as you can keep one at home, you're cool. But there's no good coming from people walking around armed like cowboys at a time of peace and stability.

    And why the hell would I use a logarithmic scale here? The data is per capita. They should be compared as they are, not their logarithms. The US has about 5 times more guns than the average among the rest and kills 3 times more people, per capita. If you think that's not far off, then I'm not sure what to tell you.
    I'm sure they don't. But since you bothered to tell me that you think how is the idea of referendum so amazing, I should be excused for thinking that you might care about my opinion. Whatever.

    By the way I'm sure you've heard by now that Switzerland has agreed to the European firearms directive, prohibiting more types of firearms. And yes, it was by referendum.
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  3. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    Bernie=self professed socialist
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  4. Socialist ≠ totalitarian.

    I don't like either of them but Trump is much closer to a fascist demagogue than Sanders to a communist one. If you really think President Sanders would switch the US to a command economy then you definitely should be worried about an upcoming white ethnostate under President Trump.
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  5. That nailed the point!
    Only a couple of years ago Sanders was praying: "look at those great social policies in Venezuela!"
    Obviously he is no longer mentioning Venezuela nowadays, when people go out there, hunting dogs and cats so they don't starve.
    If you asked him today about Venezuela he would probably say: "That was not the REAL socialism"
    it could also be "That is our fault"
    Yet, Socialism always ends in blood on the streets and people using candles to heat their place:
    1. East Block
    2. China
    3. Kuba
    4. North Korea
    5. Venezuela
    6. Very soon: European Soviet Union
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  6. SuperFan

    SuperFan Fapstronaut

    I'm much more likely to be attacked out on the street than in my own home. How will having a gun at home protect me then?
  7. Guns are a horrible means of self defense even counter-productive. Among better ones are functioning brain, running shoes and if there's really no other way then brass knuckles. Outside sports and hunting civilian guns ought to be used exclusively for property protection and as the last insurance policy against a totalitarian government.
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  8. SuperFan

    SuperFan Fapstronaut

    If I find myself in a scenario where I'm facing an attacker with a knife, and I'm unable to run away (because of obstacles or because there are multiple attackers), then a firearm is FAR preferable to brass knuckles (which were actually banned in Texas until just eight days ago).

    If you don't want to carry a firearm, that's your decision. But I'll choose for myself what my preferred method of self-defense is, thanks.
  9. Yep, a family member is a retired police man. He was taught at the police school, that with bare hands you have ZERO chance against someone who knows how to use a knife. He also told me that if someone threatens me with a knife, I have to keep a distance of 10m (30feet) to stay safe because if he decides to attack, this will be so quick, that you don't have enough time to turn around and run away.

    Only guns protect you against knifes. And if you have smaller revolver type, you have to shoot at him several times. Because if he's drugged, one shot will not stop him.
    In Germany there is a tremendous increase in knife violence. They should allow the population to protect themselves. Shame that Germany has a green-communist government.
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  10. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

  11. More theory. The numbers tell a different story - I posted here somewhere that among developed nations US has by far the highest murder rate despite being most liberal when it comes to carrying firearms. Guns in public do more harm than good - that's a fact I'm afraid. If you're gonna pull out some bs about your freedom of choice of self-defense tool again you better start defending civilian use of tanks and grenades too because I'm sure there are situations where they'd be helpful.
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  12. SuperFan

    SuperFan Fapstronaut

    Nope. The ability to fight back against a knife or against multiple attackers goes up substantially when you have a gun. That isn't theory.

    You might be surprised to learn that the most conservative estimates suggest that guns save over 200k lives per year in defensive gun uses. That's far, far more lives saved than even the highest rate of murders ever recorded in the USA.

    I don't know where you got the idea that guns "do more harm than good", but that's never been supported by data. Ever.
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  13. They cost more lives than they save.
    Try to read my post again. I mention a specific statistic which suggests exactly that.

    Btw, that's what I found while scrolling through twitter today:
    When there's a psycho who wants to harm you and you have gun and he disarms you - well now there's a psycho who wants to harm you and he has a gun.

    I acknowledge than in some super high-risk areas and occupations the gun can be appropriate and should be allowed to be carried. But outside them it's just a stupid idea to allow Joe 6pack to play a wild west cowboy packing heat in public. It's even in fucking computer games that you cannot carry weapons in a city - your sword disappears when you enter one! I think that asking real societies to be at least as safe as RPGs is not an unreasonable request.
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  14. yes of course. But all totalitarian states want defenseless citizens, so they take guns out of the private hand, so only the police and governmental institutions have them. There are clear statistics: there are countries with low homicide rates and many guns in private hand, so it is clearly not correlated to gun restrictions. I'm sick and tired of those punks in the street that behave like savages, are aggressive to women and older people. I frequently face them, and tell them to stop. But I'm afraid that they have knifes or illegal guns and I have nothing but bare hands.

    That's the hypocrite about gun regulations: the bad guys will always get them on the black market. Basically if you introduce gun control, then the good citizens will be unarmed and the bad guys armed.
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  15. SuperFan

    SuperFan Fapstronaut

    Wrong again. The lowest conservative estimates put the number of lives saved by DGU (defensive gun use) around 100k-200k. In fact, often the mere presence of a gun stops violent crime before it is committed.

    14,600 people in America were killed by gun violence last year, not including suicides. 2100 of those were criminals shot by police officers. Nearly 1800 were instances where a legal gun owner defended themselves by shooting and killing their attacker. If you further remove the instances of gang killings, you're left with a few thousand people who were indeed, tragically, the innocent victims of gun violence. But I'll take 100,000 lives saved over 6000-7000 lost any day of the week.

    If that's one of your big fears, then I agree that you, personally, should not be carrying a firearm.
  16. Those statistics are highly dubious especially the "criminals shot by police" one. But forget them, they don't matter in the big picture. You keep dancing around the fact that the US has multiple times higher murder rate than the rest of the developed world. Is that because you're fundamentally more violent than the Germans, who also own a ton of firearms privately, for example? Or has it perhaps something to do with the fact that you can't go strolling around Frankfurt with a Glock in your pocket without a permit?
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  17. Yeah, anyway, Trump rocks because:
    1. He is a selfmade man
    2. He has started no new war, in contrast to Obama or Bush (Obama was the first US president to bomb out an African country)
    3. He is fighting back against the Chinese for the rang of first power. (I prefer it to be a Western, democratic country than some crazy communist block)
    4. He opposes the gender craziness and the whole political correctness stuff
    5. He puts his nation first
    6. He is pro life, pro family and against restrictions of freedom (guns but also many other things like free expression on the internet)
    7. He is fighting the New World Order club as good as he can (it's tough, they are strong and everywhere, especially in Germany and the rest of Europe)
    8. He is an outsider, that the people like and who won the elections against overwhelming pressure of the communist media
    9. He is pointing out that there is no scientific proof that the climate warming is man made.
    10. He is doing EXACTLY what he says, no BS. He is not a hypocrite like Hillary, Macron, Merkel, Biden and the rest of the Davos-club servants.
    11. He wants normal relations with Russia that is culturally more similar to the US than China for example.
    12. He has empowered weaker communities by giving them the same opportunities as everybody else. The Democrats prefer to put these people on welfare so they never develop the motivation to get out of the mess.
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  18. I more or less agree with most points except #5 which has no meaning, #9 whose premise is wrong and #10 which is pure bullshit. Trumpy's a record breaking liar.

    He promised to get Mexico to pay for the wall even when he knew that's not gonna happen.
    He promised to "drain the swamp" but did the exact opposite by hiring Wall Street ghouls like Mnuchin.
    He promised not to cut welfare programs but his 2020 budget says something different.
    He promised to close tax loopholes yet the bills which should contain those changes ... didn't contain them.
    He promised to replace deals like Iran, Paris and TPP with something terrific and all he did was just cancel them, probably out of spite.

    He's as much a whore for the big money as anyone else. With the added benefit of a massive conflict of interest which shows as he has the nerve to spend his and his people's time on his properties for taxpayer's money and accept favors for the Trump organization from Russians and Saudis. I can't say that Clinton would have been better but Trump is definitely a shit just like so many of his predecessors.
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  19. By the way looking at the pattern of likes one can clearly see what kind of bias this site has :D
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  20. Mister President Trump - Never give up. Congratulations to the US Fapstronauts for having a good Head of State

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