"Offtopic" section is turning into one big trigger thread

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by TrueHuman, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. IGY

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    WTF? :mad: You ask me to be a bit more tolerant. I am not the one advocating censorship of people's threads and content. How about asking the narrow minded contributors to this thread to be a bit more tolerant, eh? For what reason am I singled out like this? How about @himmelstoss who characterizes that the views of others as this bullshit!? I don't do that FFS! :mad:
  2. BrianHM

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    Thank you @Yesodi
    Maybe I am writing things in a manner where I am coming of as "I know it all" and "it should be this way only" but my intention is merely to provide insights, for if later this matter escalates, then there will already be suggestions that the staffs can take from.

    This is another reason why another forum became triggers after triggers, and also troll posters. And I am just hoping that this doesn't become the case on this forum, and hope to also help others whom are in the same scenario to become a better version of them self.

    May you all continue paving your path towards self-love, self appreciation. :)
  3. Yesodi

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    I was simply and respectfully asking you to be "nicer" to @BrianHM. He was respectfully raising his opinion, and there was no need to accuse him of "self-righteousness." :D
  4. IGY

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    That is how his comments were coming across to me. He has since confirmed this, as you can see below...
    I stand by what I said.
  5. IGY

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    @Yesodi, if you want to find someone to castigate for intolerance, how about this dude?
  6. Random thought: People can mouse-over threads to preview what they say, and decide to not open them based on the content that they might find tough to handle. I agree with some of your points and think that we should probably be more mindful of explicit details about sexual things, but those threads were clearly marked.

    Talking about uncomfortable things is how we progress as a community, and I don't like the idea of admin intervention unless for malicious content. You didn't explicitly call for admin action, but just throwing my thoughts out there. This is a sexual health website and different people get "triggered" my different things. If we put a stop to everything that triggered at least one person on the site, there would be no website anymore.

    We have to learn that we don't live in a bubble and learn how to deal with these things as they come, and not let them lead to relapse. In the meantime, the mods will keep on removing porn, erotica, and other things that are intended to arouse.
  7. IGY

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    Yeah, I totally agree with you Alex.
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    @SnL: I have never had a goal of "finding" people to "castigate for intolerance." And if you feel that this is what I've done to you, then please accept my apologies -- as, from my perspective, my suggestion was intended to be seen as gentle, and certainly not something to be categorized as "castigation."

    And here I'd like to gently suggest -- not just to you, but to each and every member of the wonderful community (myself included!) -- that we strive to act with:
    • maximum consideration, gentleness, and strict propriety, when posting things to this forum.
    • maximum understanding, and leniant tolerance of possible-impropriety (within reason!), when reading posts by others to this forum.
    We should seek to find and strengthen those points where our agreements overlap, and where possible ignore those points that divide us.

    Obviously, healthy dialog that respectfully addresses differences need not be stifled, but there should ideally be no reason to ever do so without gentleness and respect.
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  9. IGY

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    Yeah, I guess you are right @Yesodi, you do not have the goal of "finding" people to "castigate for intolerance". Because when I point out an insulting post from the dancing potato (saying another member is a coward and a loser - twice), you do: NOTHING! So, when I am targeted and other people are considerably less gentle than I am, I respectfully reject your request that I should be "nicer" to Brian. We have had a free exchange of opinions, that is all. So, just leave me alone! :mad:
  10. IGY

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    I see that in view of my post ^ you have deleted the offending post I mentioned @Yesodi. Thank you. So, issue over now.

    EDIT: I will let you have the last word (below).
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  11. Yesodi

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    @IGY: First of all, welcome back to your old username. ;)

    But secondly: if I am not mistaken, both of us are members of the "Ages 40+" category. And I think that it is especially us older and more mature members of this community that have a privileged responsibility for leadership by positive example, with the aim of raising the general atmosphere of this Forum to even-higher levels of mutual respect and friendliness.

    Let's both try to cool down a bit, and be less trigger-happy with harsh statements and non-smiley smileys ( :mad: ).
    I'm sure that most people would agree that the other ones ( :) ;) :cool: :D :p ) make for a much more enjoyable user-experience! :rolleyes:
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    Yes, you are right and I already made a new reply on that thread. It's true I was intolerant and I hope I didn't offended anyone. As I said in that reply If I find any threads and posts similar to that one I will just ignore them (because they are clearly out of my league) and I will concentrate as I usually do in being supportive towards the other posts and threads.
    @IGY @Yesodi @alexander I hope i didn't have caused you to much trouble and I strongly assure you that it will never happen again.
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  13. TrueHuman

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    Everyone needs to calm down. We have strayed away from the original topic .
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