1. Today i fapped 3 times. I just downoaded turbo vpn and fapped by seeing pornhub. Feeling very bad. I was ynable to control myself. Feeling guilty. My school have ended. In my school life did only the work of fapping nothing more. Lived alone, depressed in school. But 15 days before my school life ended and i made a decision i will never fap and i will enjoy my college life. But its going wrong. I am now unable to leave my addiction. Today i understood that if as much i live away from mobile it is better for me.Relapsed today shit. I want to die. Really i am feeling like my life is waste..Pls someone help me.
  2. Kligor

    Kligor Fapstronaut

    Hi buddy,i see that you are very young,so congrats for your decision with starting nofap!
    It's normal for relapse to happen,don't worry,just continue from where you fall and stand up.
    I have seen people over 60+ years starting nofap!At such high age,just remember you are so young and you have whole life to live.Instead of feeling like shit you need to be happy because you now know how bad is PMO and you will fight with it.

    I understand that relapse makes people feel like shit,but you are far better now than you was.Remember the time when you PMO everyday multiple times.Yeah you are better now buddy.
    No worry,don't stay and keep pushing!
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  3. If i relased i am feeling nothing if i not did it then it seems very heavy on my body.
  4. Rose_123

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    Hello mate.
    I feel you. I started this year with mindset - "I will conquer my addcition!". After a lot of struggles and 77 clean days my brain take charge of me and I relapsed badly. Ten freaking days binge watching porn again and feel like old version of myself. I was in that place like you - feeling depressed, with no friends and reasons to live. But guess what? I didn't gave up.
    Your life is not wasted yet, you're still young and you can still rebuild the damage you've done. You just need to really fucking want it. You need a strong reason. And everytime when you will feel urge to watch that shit again you need to remind yourself that goal you are aiming at. For me it was living normal life again. You can do this man! Treat that filthy shit like your worst enemy. If you do it again he will laugh on your face. Do you want it? Conquer it and live like a warrior. Everyday without porn is a victorious day, remember.
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  5. Thank you
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  6. fg4795

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    Well life is unfair my friend.
    It can beat you up in the worst moment, and make you feel like this.
    Like you're not worth.
    When I was you age, I had so much times like this that I can't even remember to having good times.
    But it's not like that actually, we are self-sabotaging ourselves,
    life is beautiful if you're willing to see the beauty.
    You've failed, but as long as you're trying again you will never be a failure, and in the end you will win.
    It is worth my friend, keep positive and try again
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  7. jeffmbaptist

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    Get back up. Dust yourself off. Try again.

    Never give up. You CAN do this.
  8. willpower2020

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    Vijaylea, it’s tough. I’ve been in the same place. It’s a battle. It stinks when you lose a streak. I’ve lost a 50 day and a 30 day already this year. I should be at 90 days by now! But this is a process. We are in this together.
  9. DerSchütze

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    I relapsed yesterday, A lot of dark thoughts afterwards, but you get over it. Look at a relapse as a learning opportunity. Perhaps you should try using openDNS, or blocking that particular VPN site.You should also ask some questions
    Where were you when you relapsed?
    How did you feel(Tired, hungry,angry ect.)?
    What time was it?
    What triggered you and what led to the trigger?
    Try to do this every time you slip, and you will find out what you must change to prevent relapse. This may even be something you don't want to change, but anything is better than the feeling after a relapse, and nothing is worth more than the rest of your life free from porn.
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  10. RaXaZ

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    NoFap Defender

    This Forum is fun to browse. Everywhere I look I see people, who are in this together. Who do know about and feel the struggle a man´s life hold´s in it. The best time in life is now, it´s always. Finding peace in the little things is beautiful.
    Let me tell you something young boy, last year I´ve studied chinese. Chinese? Never have I ever thought of studying chinese or get in a relationship with a beautiful girl way older than me. But I did. Things go fast forward in life and to catch up with life ain´t that easy, because sometimes it feels, like so much is going on at the same time and we want do be in it. But we are life and have amazing capabilites and willpower, which we can harness and tap into.
    My tip: Write a Journal, if you want to keep on track of your thought patterns, and once a while read it through.

    Best luck!
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  11. You said that you realized that if you live away from mobile, then it's better for you. I like that. The time is now.

    Why don't your purchase a flip phone. You can't watch porn on that. You can only handle business. Join me....

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