Ok Women attraction is real guys..

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    Hahaha awesome comment! Women really can sense things pretty well.
  2. You guys crack me up
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    Wow is it true? How days long it started? 90 days? I'm in 4 days rebooting, can it happen? Thank u
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    These are my thoughts on this "superpower":

    From what I understand about women, they are more attracted by how another person makes them feel.

    For instance, a guy can look like a supermodel and yet, if he makes a woman feel uncomfortable or anxious, he doesn't stand a chance. Hell, even if he doesn't make her feel uncomfortable, but there isn't "that spark", he's not boyfriend material.

    The anxiousness is usually due to some anxiousness the guy is feeling from not being comfortable around women. He doesn't know how to properly connect and build rapport. He feels anxious, she follows suit because she can feel it from him.

    The lack of a spark usually comes from not understanding how to challenge a woman and let her see that she is in the presence of someone that:

    A) Doesn't attach self esteem to outer influences

    B) Is strong in his whatever his ethics and beliefs might be

    C) Won't fold or flip out at the very first sign of an argument or disagreement

    I could go on and on about this. My point is that this all is partially inherent to our instincts, but it is also a skill set. You can be really strong with part of the skill set like, you could be really awesome at helping a woman feel comfortable and like she can open up to you. However, if you're not good at creating the "spark", it leaves you as just a friend.

    If you are really good at creating a "spark", but not very good at connecting, you can get people into bed, but you have no idea how to be emotionally intimate, which is a huge part of relationships.

    This isn't about manipulating anyone or being untrue to yourself. It's about learning the language of love. In the end, it's about self esteem because if you don't love yourself... no one else is ever going to love you properly. Not because you don't deserve love, but because you are not in a state that love thrives. Love is the like the icing on the cake that is self esteem of two people.

    It isn't all sweetie sweet all of the time. It's not about saying yes all of the time or being agreeable so that another will like you. It's about liking yourself so much that you actually assess other people before letting your feelings take you sky high and fuck you over because sometimes your feelings are dead wrong.

    By getting into an assessment mindset over an "omg, they're so hot and cool and awesome and I wanna bang!" mindset, it allows you to build self esteem. You raise your standards and you say, "No, I won't take that bullshit. I'm better than that and I deserve what is best for me!"

    So, Nofap allows you to work on these interpersonal skills a lot more effectively. The part of your brain that is made for assessing, problem solving, and making decisions is much more in gear. As you get to know your own mind and you interact with more and more people, you will begin to figure out what traits would make a great partner for you as opposed to what kind of face and "killer bod" you would love to nail.

    In the end, this a mind altering process in its most effective form. Meaning that if you actually get into Nofap for the right reasons, that is when the "superpowers" are most noticeable. Nofap is, at its best, a journey of self improvement. In other words, it's for yourself and not to get attention from others.

    You must become your best friend. You must become your trainer and your cheerleader. You must forget everything that you thought you knew about your life and sexuality.

    This is a new leaf to be turned. You are a caterpillar about to go into a state of chrysalis. Allow it to happen and embrace who you become with all of the love and light that you can muster.
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  5. Nope. Superpower. It's magic. Get out of here with your rational thinking.
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  6. Mostly what people seem to report is 90 days and beyond. All tho it probably happens sooner with few. The longest I've ever went was 80 days Hard Mode. And I was in huge solitude back then, even if it would start working after 30 days I could not tell you. So I can't really speak from experience, yet to test this on myself. So far on day 30 and I can't say I've noticed any difference.
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  7. I have noticed this too but i also have really bad anxiety like yourself so i very rarely approach them and they rarely approach me because they are either anxious as well or they expect the guy to come over. So nothing happens which sucks...
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    is this necessary? what is happening here?
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    just jealousy :)
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    You should NEVER......EVER joke with me like that. I've been FUCKING SUICIDAL the past few days. And reading SHIT like this only confirms how fucked up my life is right now and how I don't have to live through the pain this world has put me through anymore!
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    Obvious a troll who have nothing better to do with his life.
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    Wait? Okay maybe just a one with really bad humor.
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    C,mon keep posotive and focus on being successful on your reboot
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    well said that resonated with.ne because at first I was doing it to get rid of pied so I could get a girlfriend but then I reached out to God and finally realized how much pmo was doing and how it was killing my soul so nofap for me is a spiritual journey strengthens my faith and learning to love myself again which I have after 8 months and now I have like a fire and desire to prove my mind wrong each time it tells me not do something and also I really see how breathing and body presence can help with social anxiety I'm starting to careless what happens outside of me as much I stopped becoming a victim and realize the gift of life is precious and God has give me another chance to redeem myself and become the person who he truly intended me to be
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  17. Okay, this is an older thread, but I'll post here.

    Thank you for posting this video. It has helped to answer a question I was lingering on with a couple of cases of what I would classify loosely as 'female hostility' since NF. Both cases involved female colleagues who would be considered attractive who have been uncomfortable around me. There could be any number issues going on with them, and that was what I chalked up to. Maybe their relationships are in a rut. Maybe their dog died. Whatever. I am not interested in either of them, and wasn't thinking of them in any way beyond 'people I work with'. What I did note was that I was discussing negative workplace matters in their vicinity when I got their vibes. I guess positivity really helps.
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    It's true - I think it has something to do with energy fields. I have experienced the same and I have not developed more confidence, changed in appearance, or paid any more attention to women. It's a nice perk and another example of why semen retention really is the hidden secret to this nofap thing. Whilst I am completely against porn and appreciate the dangers of excess dopamine, I do feel that it's purely the practice of semen retention that cultivates a lot of the benefits...such as this one.
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