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  1. heres my take if you really really want to be successful, full fledged, alpha male, ready?
    Don't come!
    have sex, go slow, take your time, take deep breaths, make her orgasm, don't come
    thats it--if you can do that one thing--semen retention, you will be a whole new you.
    I've been reading about this--and many books and people say, among them yours truly, say, "when you come, you go"
    --yes, its a practically impossible thing to do.
    Yes, only 1 guy in 50 can do it.
    Yes yes yes,,,its crazy, yes yes yes!!!

    But if you can do it, if you can have sex with a woman, make her orgasm, and you can hold your vital fluids in, and "walk away" --you will have crazy desire, and attraction, and a new lease on life, if you can have sex with your wife or gf, and not come, she will look so hot to you and i promise your relationship will be much much better.

    Some books recommend 1 orgasm every 5 encounters, or 1 in 10, whatever you can manage,,, i will tell you from my own experience the times i have been able to have sex, and walkaway without orgasm, i have enjoyed that sexual encounter 10x than if i came--
    don't get me wrong, coming is great and etc etc etc, but if you can mange your orgasm you will hold in all your amazing amazing amazing stuff and you will feel like superman--like i said its practically impossible but it can be done...
    Good luck
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  2. Reverent

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    Eh. Nice try.
    I'm not convinced.
  3. you don't have to be,,,try it once then have an opinion,,,
  4. many artists and sports figures would not come,,,if they did they said they "lost all game"
  5. try coming and then get into a fight or play game, good luck
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    I have done it for years. No such super powers.

    You assume most of us aren't full fledged men. Or we don't have control over our junk.

    I have had sex thousands of times, it is not what makes or does not make me awesome. I am not that shallow.

    Good luck with your theory though.
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    If 2 fighters, and NEITHER OF THEM CUM, square up who would win? Your logic is short-sighted.
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  8. im not assuming anything about full fledged men--and most men don't have control over their junk, for sure.
    its not about having sex thousands of time, that doesn't define awesome, nor shallow--and its not my theory--
    its about conserving the most vital fluids men have,,,miles davis, the legendary jazz musician said,
    "if i have sex, i lose all my music"
    Muhammad ali said--as long as i can control my drive i can kick anyone ass--and he did,
    steve jobs practiced it as well, and he didn't do so badly, i am telling what many others have said--and from my own experience, it works--Ive had sex with many females and made millions of dollars, I'm telling this forum (not you) ,this forum, it works...
  9. no, if 2 fighters, and neither cum, its a much much much much much better fight
  10. forget it reverent, this is not for you, its okay
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    Why is it not for me?

    If you make blanket statements about men (I am one), and proclaim to have the solution to real results it implies it should work for me too. Why couldn't I have the magical successes you proclaim?

    You mention these iconic men; So being rich and famous is your measure of success? Again, as I have said, I am not that shallow.

    Sorry I disagree with your theory, but it isn't truth because I am evidence it doesn't work.

    Who wins the fight? You never explained.
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  12. you are evidence it doesn't work--great
    i am evidence it does--(like i said, I've made $millions, okay, who cares?)
    now, your fight scenario--
    2 fighters, both cum night before--awful fight, they both fall down 2 minutes
    2 fighters, one cums night before, one doesn't, guy who came gets slammed,
    2 fighters, neither cums night before, very significant fight, and better fighter wins--
    its not a cure for everything, it just works,,,
    anyways, its not a discussion and don't hate on the principle,,,it works
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    You're on a public forum, why is it not a discussion? Close minded much?
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  14. by most standards, I've done pretty well--
    married with children -- family
    house with no debt with view of mega-yachts--
    $$$$$ in bank-
    travelled the world, in style

    i can tell from your vibe you have achieved all these things and much more--
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    In my experience the woman wants to please you and you having an orgasm facilitates that if you don't orgasm when having a sex with your girl she's going to think she's not pleasing you and it will cause trouble trust me I know because I have had sex plenty of times where I did not orgasm not because I wanted to but because I could not because of p*** and masturbation and it didn't make things better it made things worse the partner wants you to come so that they know they have pleased you. End of story
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  16. I've stopped trying to sell the concept of semen retention--dont worry about it
  17. Ejaculation for men is like taking a bucker of water out of a swimming pool. Some have more water. So a bucket will not notice. Some take buckets less frequently so much of it gets replenished everytime it rains a little. Some have dirty water because they do their deeds in it, and the rubbish rises to the surface. So taking a bucket off actually leaves less overall|percentage of dirt in the water, making them 'energised' (such as fapping before gym because 'it energieses' them). Regardless what you need is strong and clean ice like water that goes over the swimming pool. Weaklings who like sand more than water will say water makes them rust so anytime is a good time to loose some water.
  18. Wow, this thread seriously brought out the trolls. It's like a guy who goes on a diet and loses thirty pounds tells you how he did it and everyone wants to say "bullshit". You're sharing your experience of what has improved your life. Good for you. That's ALL that matters really. Will it work for everyone? Who knows? I'll say this much: if you're looking at PMO as an isolated activity, you'll only see limited results, but if you see PMO as part of a limiting thought process, then you're likely to see much better results. Ultimately, it's about more than just PMO; it's about getting rid of limited ways of thinking.
  19. thanks for the support--im here to say it works
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    Pretty sure OP is trolling.
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