Old daily routine vs new daily routine

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Asn95, Nov 11, 2020.

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    This is a rough example of my old daily routine or there lack of compared with what I’m doing now during lockdown.

    12-2pm: wake up
    3pm: “breakfast”
    3:30-5pm:get some work done
    7pm:practice my driving theory test
    9:30pm-Post workout snack

    as you can see not much of a life now here’s what I’m doing now....

    7:30am:wake up and have coffee


    12pm: “breakfast”



    1:30pm-5pm: work or read something that gets my mind going in the middle about 3pm I will have “lunch”

    5pm:practice my driving theory/ protein bar and shake as a snack

    6pm: maybe relax with a few episodes of something or a hour on the PlayStation as a reward


    8:30pm-10pm Bath then meditate again

    10pm-12am:relax before sleep ready to do it all again

    a few other things I’m doing to help with nofap is...

    .Cut out social media
    .no dating apps
    .not counting the days
    .forgetting about women completely for the moment at the end of the day we are in a pandemic so nothing is going to happen anyway, I need to work on myself this lockdown is the best time to do it, there will be plenty of time for relationships when I’m who I’m suppose to be the right person deserves better than my lower self.

    I think personally for me nofap is just another useful tool to use aswell as changing my daily habits one alone will not work but I believe using them all together gives me a greater chance of success, hope your all doing well on your journey thanks for reading.

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