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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Anonymous24, Mar 26, 2017.

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    Just came home from an all nighter, and was exhausted and my brain took advantage of this and got me looking at arousing images and eventually bypassing my block somehow ( fixed it now) and looking at P I could sense myself slipping with each new click and miraculously stopped myself from m and o although later I did make a mess so to speak (still no m or o tho) and I'm pretty proud, sure it could have gone better but it could also have gone worse, I'm not ruining my 50 day streak for this because it's the first time I've dealt with this issue and in my eyes I didn't fail simply succumbed to a moment of weakness only to fight my way out.

    Needed to say this, any comments are welcome, good luck and stay in control
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    Good fight, I will take notes haha ;) If you feel guilty because you only watched P, stop immediately and never hear the voice that tells you that you can go further because you already fucked up your streak (like watching P and MO after). You just feel guilty the day and the next day you feel like you ve never watched P during your streak. This is what caused all my relapses. I start by telling myself that I ''just'' want to see a sexy pic, then I tell myself ''fuck I should not have done that!" and then the little voice comes and tells me ''you already fucked up everything, get back on your computer and finish the task''. and that's what happens most of the time.

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