On n Off....but never ever giving up.

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    So, i've been on nofap for few days and took up the challenge, have been able to last for like 1-2 day and then i relaps.....not PMOing is easier said then done.....i've realised i am addicted....and its causing huge problems

    There is a lot i want to do in my life but just cant find the energy, the spontaneity & the Creativity to get out of the house.....

    I'm an Indian guy, 25, never had a GF, never even went on a date.....when i have some courage to hold my head up i see Eye-balls of girls who are looking at me and some girls do like me, I think, but never had the courage due to my constant anxiety to get out of any social situation with strangers and RUN back to my shell......

    i've been a hardcore PMOer since the day i found easily accessible porn, at the age of 16, confidence and sparking up conversations with strangers came naturally to me, but something inside me stops me from doing so, after watching a TED video i realised the problem WAS PORN.

    i'm gonna get rid of this darkness of my life and be who I aim to be.....I'm never EVER giving UP.

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    Welcome to NoFap! No, don't give up!!! The difference now is that you are no longer alone in your struggle. I wish you all the very best for your great journey ahead!
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    You give me strength reading that, together we conquer PMO.
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