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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by definitelySerious, Apr 27, 2015.

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    Travelling home on the bus today, I looked outside through the window and saw a man lying on the pavement in full view on the main road, as traffic crawled past in rush hour. Homeless, I assume. He was surrounded by pedestrians, and I noticed his legs moving as he lay outside a corporate office. I noticed blood on the pavement, and on his mouth. Maybe he won't last the night.

    What struck me, alongside feeling horrible for him and sad regardless, was how I could have been metaphorically glued to a screen with PMO, seeking to serve only my needs. Every other consequence of PMO aside, all philosophy aside, all reasoning for behaviour aside, I cannot deny or argue against the fact that PMO is inherently selfish and self focused. In practicing PMO, I am seeking to fulfil my needs only, no matter how I justify getting to that point.

    The needs of a homeless man on the street are secondary. The needs of my partner are secondary, the needs of my children, pets, co-workers, family, neighbours - in the moment of practicing PMO with all its dopamine and enjoyment, the only person I care about is myself. If, for the goal of becoming 'outward focused' alone, I sacrifice PMO, I am already bettering the life I live.

    A life well lived is not a selfish endeavour, it is putting others before myself, helping others, a life of service and giving. I cannot see how PMO (or any inherently selfish behaviour) can possibly fit into this outward looking framework. The constant cry of the brain to indulge, indulge, give in, give up, cannot trump the higher calling if we want to truly live.
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    It's a touching story, very sad. Not only this story should teach us to be altruists and help the ones who are in need, but also show us how hard could it be. It could be a lot worse, yet we have so many things to be grateful for, that's it's kind of hypocritical from our part to keep destructing ourselves.

    That's why I am currently struggling with myself to stop being hypocritical. I still have a lot more than others could ever hope or dream for and will never again complain. PMO is without a doubt, a gesture of selfishness. The way I see it, for anything you want: you'll either find a way or find an excuse.
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    On the other hand some selfishness is necessary in life. For example if you don't give yourself any time to sleep you won't last long. And some people also need at least a little bit time for themselves to study, read or exercise. So the way l see it, there's an unhealthy egoism (like PMO!) But also a healthy egoism ( like giving yourself the deserved time to sleep, read or exercise). Maybe if two people who share the same interest find each other in this life, even the healthy selfish thing can become a healthy shared thing :)

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