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    This is not very directly related to semen retention, but for many it is a difficult issue, and the uneasiness of the memories of seeing the women can trigger a relapse as an outlet for the stress.
    There is a kind of redirection that I experience that seems to be an automatic replacement for the unsatisfied and frustrating feelings.

    Here I'm mostly referring to real life examples because there are more to mention, but it can apply to image watching and thoughts as well.
    It's about many kinds of situations where you are with one or more women. Problems that often occur are that you are getting uneasiness in reaction to seeing the woman/en. It could be all kinds of things depending on the scenario of that moment.
    The following are some of those examples:

    1. Being alone with one girl and very badly wanting some kind of interaction.
    2. When you see that another guy does have it, and you want to be in his place.
    3. After you have seen one or more attractive women and you keep having the feeling that what you have seen has to be processed in some way, or else something bad will happen. Similar to a compulsion.
    4. Having difficulty walking past a group of girls.

    All those things can cause uncomfortable feelings, but the same cause that is behind that, which comes down to the attraction, can also cause a great wellbeing in those same situations. Which is the main point I'm trying to bring up.

    Over that past few years, this very different kind of reaction to those sorts of situations has developed in me. As strange as it sounds I can get a sudden good feeling as a reaction to being in those situations.
    It's very difficult to describe, it comes close to a sudden inspiration and having a discovery, mixed with some kind of amusement that you have discovered this while everyone else is still doing those silly things, not meant in a bad way though.

    So when I for example see 2 people being intimate while I have never done any of that myself, it can only be of a pleasure to me. It sounds completely counterintuitive, but it is what is happening.
    Of course it's not as easy as a switch I can flip at will to get it fully each time, how easy it comes seems to depend on circumstances like my initial state of mind.
    Because it is already so difficult to describe it itself, it is especially difficult to point out hot to accomplish the same, but I'm continuing with it.

    What I can say however, is that I remember first experiencing this when listening to some music, and simultaneously thinking about the difficult choice between doing NoFap and being celibate forever, or ending it at some point. Causing flashes of thoughts of women at the same time.
    And then it seemed as if the positive vibe of that music somehow went together and amplified the positive feelings that came from the thought of remaining celibate and still being able to see women in any situation while being satisfied.

    The same thing later happened a few times again by chance, and from then one I decided to make a routine out of it because I enjoyed it quite much.
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