Once you relapse, it's so easy to continue to dig your graved deeper.

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Do you agree with the factors I stated regarding your own reasoning to PMO?

  1. Yeah, to some degress.

  2. No not really :/

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  3. I'm fine, I'm practially awesome.

  1. Once you relapse, it's so easy to continue to dig your graved deeper.

    A couple of reasons to why I relapse are usually more easily then not preventable if stop myself before It gets out of hand.

    1. Tiredness
    2. Loneliness
    3. Jealousy
    4. Anxiousness
    5. Stress
    6. Depressing wave of emotions.
    A lot of these, I and probably most of you feel on a constant basis. The problem is self control, and thinking to a point of realization of the effects of guilt after PMO, as well the turning point before loss of conscious self control over ones being.

    To often after work when id get home I find it hard to concentrate on anything. I use to take naps after work, but now I feel as if fixing my sleeping schedule is more detrimental then getting in a quick nap. If I was so tired I'd completely lose self control over getting a quick fix, and would PMO almost instantly. Because of this I've found that fixing my Tiredness is one key to success of nofap.

    Loneliness often comes in waves. Usually when I scroll through social media and see images of happy people enjoying life with a lover (I delete the social media apps, but because of family, and work I can't completely eliminate this factor), or friends. Unfortunately my government is a communistic socialistic dictators who decide the best way to fight a flu is to ban on social contact with everyone (including gyms, restaurants, leisure centres, sports entertainment centres, and anything with a entrance door and a exit door.), so I'm stuck in my home. besides activities with friends, we often go camping or hiking because of the latter, but those are so far and between. Thus when I'm feeling lonely to often do I go to PMO, which because of conditioning from our modern society it is incredibly difficult to not get triggered, as well everything is sexualized.

    This one is more comical, but still applies. Me and my exgirlfriend still talk to each other, and when we broke up it wasn't a dramatic shit show; which is definitely a plus. But the shitty part is that she recently got herself a boyfriend who looks often to closely related to me haha. Kind of hilarious, but it's whatever because I personally wouldn't date her again, but glad she found someone. Of course being lonely and seeing someone you use to love finding someone new is painful, and it definitely doesn't improve my situation, but it is what it is, and I gotta move on; which I have, and would rather work on myself anyways.

    I think PMO definitely effects self confidence, as well as the ever so creeping anxiety of having to put myself out there in regards to a career, university and all that.

    Stress is often temporary which I often forget. When being stress PMO is a great way to feel enjoyment, when everything seems stressful to deal with. I guess I just gotta man up and deal with my shit straight.

    Depressing wave of emotions.
    When I find myself going towards the path of failure, towards laziness or comfort is when I search for the opposite. PMO is the quickest, easiest way to keep happy, to feel something when a huge wave of sadness drags me down. I've been talking to a therapist about my life but there has to be another reason to why some days I feel happy, then others I just don't want to get out of bed, my body hurts, and I just can't think straight. Tiredness drags me down, and the sinful thoughts seep their way into my head leading to PMO.

    I guess through writing this post, I realize that a lot of prime factors to why I PMO are the cascading effect of each other once I get started. I'm pretty strong willed, but when comes to being completely exhausted from life I to often go to a immediate pleasure activity to feel something. Dealing with troubles is something I need to work on, no longer should I feel the need for instant pleasure. But having being stuck with PMO legitimately half my life; I've probably got permanent conditioning which is irreversible.​
    I guess by writing this I wanted to just get it down, but also searching for opinions from you guys. (open to discussion)

    On the pool I men't to say, Degree, and not Degress ;P
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    Wow, apart from Tiredness it is almost the exact same for me. Usually I'm most likely to relapse when I have an excess of energy and anger. But the anger is a result of some of the factors you mentioned.
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    Nice post and kinda related, except that part with your ex since i dont have any ex lol
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  4. A lot of the factors are pretty human, and there needs to be a place where we talk about our feelings, in a non judge mental way, so we can learn from each other. I thought that since a lot of people on this forum seem to feel similar emotions with PMO and life in general, that maybe if I as someone who is working towards myself can tell my feelings on a post so others can also use some self evaluation, and use some of my ways of dealing with it on them selves in a positive manner.
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