One and a half years working on this addiction

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    Hey I'm a young healthy fit male. I first started to realize I had a problem when I was having erectile dysfunction. I started going to therapy with a sex addiction specialist who helped me to look deeper into my problems, as well as why I may be using this coping mechanism.

    I have been obsessed and addicted with porn, cam girl chats, cyber sex, sex, all centered around femdom fetish. I have spent countless hours and lots of money on this addiction. I have also ruined a relationship with an amazing woman who was actually willing to work with me on my issues around this.

    I have learned so much in the last year and a half between therapy, attending 12 step meetings, as well as various other self help, and self development approaches.

    My problems with ED actually remedied somewhat quickly after some time in recovery. However there is a whole story with that as well. Turns out my ED was partly due to the hyperstimulstion from masturbation to porn, but also partly a sort of mechanism that kicked in when I was in sexual situations I didn't feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

    Even though the ED isn't so much or a concern, this addiction has come back to haunt me in various forms. For me, I can go right back to this habit, if I am not living a good life and staying on top of various other healthy habits such as meditation, having regular conversations with other people suffering with this, journaling my feelings, etc.

    Currently I am single and striving for a period of abstinence from porn, sex, and using dating apps of any kind.

    As I previously stated, talking with other people and supporting each other has been the most helpful thing for me. This is very hard to do without help from others. I am looking for some others to become mutual support buddies with.
  2. Hey fighclubfreak7,

    first of all, mad respect for your progress! Actively combatting ED and porn addiction for one and a half years, it looks like you've already come a long way. It's also interesting to read that your ED was partially psychological, which completely makes sense if I think about it.

    I can relate to the recent problems you're describing - going back to the porn habit if I'm not absolutely on top of healthy habits... it's hard sometimes to keep up the good work. My personal 'healthy habits' that I would like to give more space in life are also meditating, apart from that socializing, connecting to my friends more deeply, journaling every day, ... and some creative hobbies. I'm also taking a break from porn and dating in favor of these habits.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress and your ideas!

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