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  1. Hello friends:
    This week was quite difficult for my reboot.
    My wife was not at home, and that always makes it hard.
    The "Gremlin" (this is how I call the subconscious PMO addict that I still have inside) immediately began to say: "Come on, why we do not take advantage that she is not here and we watch some P? What will happen if you have fun for a while? "
    Always his lies and deceptions.
    I know well what can happen to me.
    I can again become the wretch who was 4 years ago, before finding NoFap.
    Watching PMO 4-5 times a day for hours. Hiding in the bathroom not to be discovered. Doing MO in the office even when there were people in adjacent rooms.
    The one who wasted hundreds of hours of his time and thousands of dollars hiring escorts and hook ups in dangerous shady places.
    So I stand up again and again and said no.
    It was not easy. But I got a plan the whole weekend to not be home alone. If I had to work with my computer I was going to a Starbuck's, not to be tempted and start looking (although I have P blockers on all my devices, I know very well that on Twitter I can watch P through the profile of my favorites P stars)
    I went to the movies on Friday night alone, because I did not feel safe to watch TV at home.
    I took care not to watch TV in my room, in bed alone, because any image of a person that seemed attractive to me could be enough to start a fantasy.
    I turned off every night my devices and let them out of my room, not to have them handy if I was a urges.
    It was worth it, although at times the "Gremlin" was telling me: "you can't stand the urge to watch P and MOing".
    But I replied: "You're right, I'm dying to watch some P. But I want to look my wife in the eyes when I return, with pride and without feeling the guilt I felt in the past”.
    It was worth it because yesterday my wife got back from her course in good spirits and we had sex that night. Had it fallen in PMO I would not have felt like it or could not have kept the erection.
    Now I say to the Gremlin: "Did you see? If I had listened to you, instead of having amazing sex with a real person, I would only have had imaginary, fake sex with my right hand! Go away and do not insist on those lies! "
    I know it won't be the last time. But today I can be proud having won another battle in my fight against PMO
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    Wow, very inspiring! Keep it up bro!!
  3. SaFaRi

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    Amazing, stay strong man :)
  4. RyukJr

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    So I haven't fapped in over 4 months and did this challenge and recently I've been thinking about fapping a lot to I guess "last longer" but my girlfriend is the only thing persuading me not to why is fapping so had
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  6. You had to confront those thoughts eventually when you're at home alone or in your room. Once you learn how to deal with those thoughts, then you'll trust yourself lil by lil.
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    wow man!!! I feel worried for myself.....I am not able to cure this disease, there is no guarantee that i will be cured when I have a loving wife. It makes me scared sometimes, what if I keep PMO'ing even after marriage, even after kids. These days I have not had severe urges to PMO, but whenever I have urges, i go to massage parlor and jack off to them.
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    Good man, keep it up, I shall also join the club in fews days...
  9. @RyukJr , every time you feel an urge to have fake sex with your hand, think about your girl and how much better is to have sexy with real life persons
    Everything we watch in P is a big lie. These P stars are not enjoying what they do, they are sex slaves and we are accomplices of this every time we click on a new video
    I had the chance to hire several P stars as escorts and they told me how much they are abused, drugged and forced to have sex without condoms because this is “what the customers “ (we) like
    They are tested for HIV but the producers lie if the results come positive
    A big number of P stars die young from overdose, HIV or domestic violence
    Do we want to be part of this?
    Stay strong
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    I like that you look into the spiritual side of things. Cause battle is not against flesh and blood but against... Eph 6:12 because our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the worldrulers of the darkness of this age, against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenlies.

    There are different spirits that makes us do things we do. Sure most people have also daemons inside but it's our choice which wolf to feed. Just like in the dog race which dog is fed better that dogs wins the race. Also, we should do our best to feed the good dog.

  11. You are right @Asgardian36 . We need to help the world get rid of this PMo disease one day at a time
    Stay strong and keep on fighting
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