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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Workingtoit, Jul 15, 2017.

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    hey everyone. So if you've seen any of my other posts, you know I stated my journey around 60 days ago. And here I am. I worked my ass off for this. I love the person I am and I love this community for the support I've gotten over the last two months.

    Alright- now the fun stuff. As you may or may not no, I suffered from sever PIED. I've only had successful sex a handful of times from being overly drunk or something.

    Now- I didn't have sex. I had a sexual encounter. But not sex. I met this girl at the bar. Took her home. And did everything but sex (I started to lose my erection during for some reason). This is my first attempt at actually rewiring, and I can feel the vast improvements.

    I was never able to just take a girl home and do those things. It was incredible. Although I ultimately failed at PIV- I still count it as a win because I was able to successfully do everything else. I know it's a process and because of this minor success, I'm sticking to it.

    I know from my years of failed attempts have left me mentally scarred for future encounters. But the fact that I am able to do what I did last night without a care in the world made everything so much better.

    Also, something I recommend everyone doing (even though I was deathly afraid of it), I started telling my closest friends about my problem. Not for nothing, but I don't care what they think about it. I have an issue, and I'm working on resolving it. But to not have that constant fear wondering if anyone is going to find out I couldn't get it up has to be beneficial for my success.

    Questions if you'd like. Glad you enjoyed. Stay strong fellas- I'm on my way to the other side of this.
  2. Well congrats on your journey that began around 60 days ago?

    I like your effort. Keep it going. I don't think a 'one night stand bring someone home from the bar' will ever be popular and I certainly did not click like for your encounter.

    I clicked liked because you are trying with sincere levels of effort in your own way.
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    That's amazing man! I'm really happy for you!

    You keep rewiring like that and I'msure you'll be fine in no time! :)

    I too told my family and friends and it helped me a lot! Telling someone grounds your adiction in reality - it's notonlyin your mind anymore but a real thing and that gives you new angles of attack!

    All the best!
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    Not inspirational. One nights stands is same masturbation only inside of vagina.
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    That really depends on your mentality on the situation. I didn't take her home to just orgasm and that's it. It was a good expierence and I'm sorry it didn't motivate you. Everyone has different goals from nofap. When you have PIED, being able to get it up with a random girl is a huge success. Take it for what it is- appreciate the read though.
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    Clean from hardcore pmo addicted 7month here since 15yo im 30yo right now after years of upside and down and tons relapsing and shames i grafltefully can having great 30minute sex and maintaining the erection and giving my girl orgasm many time.back then i dont beilive this could happen to me.until i believe and push my self to the limit.been many time using tinder to but i got the full benefits of my erection since last no excuse we will heal all the problem pied of other stuff if we push took time a year and progress and many of relapsed and dissapoiment until i reach my present moment.i feel like a real man and keep continue exploring myself this year jm gonna be 31yo quiting pmo is my birthday gift.goodluck bro!
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    Well done for your positive attitude..
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    I wouldn't agree with this, but it is good one :)

    To OP, just keep going.
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    My Journal
    Thanks for sharing dude. You sound really happy, that's great! :)

    Stay strong!

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