One of the best free programs to avoid relapse on devices like laptop or computer

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    I just found this the other day, and honestly this program is genius. It's called "Pluckeye"
    It's totally free and doesn't cost a cent.
    K9 and Qustodio have the issue of the password protection beind disabled when you have urges. However this program has something called a "delay system".

    This means, you can not disable or de-install the system when you want to.
    Let's say you are having a bad day and are horny. You want to fap and don't care anymore. You want to disable Pluckeye so you can't indulge in porn.
    However, now you have the delay system. You can set the delay manually the first time, and afterward everytime the delay is over.
    So let's say you set the delay on 4 hours. Now, when you want to disable or deinstall pluckeye you have to wait 4 hours until you can. However, chances are very, very likely your urges will not last four hours, and even if they do if you come to clarity you can reset the delay during the 4 hour wait period, meaing the 4 hour delay starts from the beginning again.
    The program allows you to specify all and any sites to it, however I advise you to only use it for porn related stuff. if you lock netfilx and are like "oh I want to watch a movie today in the evening" you will unlock the delay system beforehand so you will be able to surf the site in the evening increasing your chances of relapse. Don't do this.
    I will not post the link here, but if this would help you, simply google it yourself.
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