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    Hello Everyone,

    I heard it is physiologically healthy to write a goodbye letter to your addiction (Imagine your addiction as a person), that will help to recover. I wrote my letter and I would like to share it with everyone here.

    Dear Porn,

    Thank you so much for being with me for almost the last 16 years of my life. You gave me a temporary good feeling during the hardest times of my life. Every failure or tough situation, I encountered in high school, bachelor degree or the Masters degree you were there for me even in the most stressful days during work, you helped me to feel better, when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 2B, I was scared as hell and PMO was the only thing that made me feel better, when I moved to live in Germany during the toughest times of homesickness you were almost the only thing that made me feel happy or at least feeling temporary better, when the girl that I loved, broke up with me. The first thing that I did was running to my screen to have a dosage of relief even when I had a crush to another girl and she rejected me, I was running to home, like a dog running to catch a piece of meat but that feeling was always …always temporary and fake. For me that was not enough I always needed more and more. You (Porn) never solved any of my problems - You just numbed my feelings and emotions for some time.

    I realized that your harms are far more than your benefits, I realized that I shouldn’t be alone and I should move on with my life. I should meet more people and seek my own happiness. I can’t support this industry - even though I never spent any money on you. I can not increase the number of viewers. I can not motivate people to invest time or money on building or expanding such an industry.

    For the following reasons, I decided to stay away from you

    • A lot of people are suffering sexually because of you.
    • Some people lost their jobs because of you.
    • Some women suffer every single night because their partners can not satisfy them and they can not share their pain with anyone because of you.
    • Some innocent children will suffer and have a tough childhood because their parents will get divorced because of you.
    • Some young guys are becoming more and more depressed and they do not want to be connected with the real people because of you.
    • Many young men are diagnosed with ED and PE because of you.
    • Many guys are learning to treat women in a bad aggressive way because of you.
    • Some guys started to love beating girls because of you.
    • Some men objectify women and started to judge women based on their bodies & looks - not their characters because of you.
    • Many married couples started to stop loving each other because they compares their partners with what they see on the screen and that’s of course because of you.
    • Some innocent women are being insulted, humiliated, and forced to work in this industry for the money, because of you.
    • Many people may suffer from deadly diseases because of you.
    • Even some pornstars died from deadly diseases or committed suicide whether because of extreme depression or overdose because of you.
    • Children younger than 13 years old are becoming porn addicts because of you.
    • Many people start comparing themselves with what they see on the screen and became more and more depressed because of you.
    • Some people might be future criminals because of you.
    • Many women were victims and got raped because of you.
    • Some women started to have desensitized gentials because of you.
    • Some addicts jumped to extreme categories such as aggressive porn or sex to children or animals because of you.

    Even thought I didn't go to the extreme levels but I still might reach that level one day, I might miss you but I CAN’T … I really Can’t increase the numbers +1, I can not be selfish anymore, I can not be a hypocrite person, I never ever thought that I was destroying the society by watching porn but the truth is Yes, I did that. Before asking to change my surroundings, I should change myself first, then I will start helping others not to fall in the same trap that I fell into. Goodbye porn….…

    Sorry for the grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

    If you want to break the 30 days, please read my other thread:
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    bro this is one of the great post i have ever seen.
  3. theoptimist

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    Thanks bro
  4. theoptimist

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    Thank you
  5. Adam76

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  6. Really good...
    This is the kind of content that saves someone from a relapse
  7. iPhone user

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  8. goodnice

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    THE BEST EVER!!! Straight from the heart, pierced mine right through. Excellent excellent letter and great idea. It is definitely beneficial, it really helps to write letters- I wrote a Dear Future Self letter at beginning of this journey.
    Those bullet points man- you hit em all! Good job
  9. goodnice

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    Absolutely! I’m going to send this to my AP when he is in trouble
  10. Cool_Bro

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    Congratulations Brother on 106+ days. The best part of your post is that It is something new and freshly content on how we see P. It describes the harmful effects of using P with a great ease. This is the amazing benefit of NoFap that everytime we find new ideas and suggestions to deal with our addiction.
    Good luck Brother :)
  11. Thank you for sharing your letter. I hope to be able to write one of my own soon.
  12. Powerful message, well done bro :)
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    Great job man! keep it up! God Is Good!

  14. Nice, i like this idea.
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    mi. Geacias
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    NoFap Defender

    Wow that was very powerful to read.
    Thank you for this
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    That explains a lot, thanks for the advice.
  18. theoptimist

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    Thank you :)
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  19. theoptimist

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    Thank you, well it to be honest it saved me many times

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