One sided heartbreaks sucks

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Jiglojay, Aug 19, 2020.

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    So a month ago aprox. 15 days into my nofap challenge I met this girl on tinder. She was funny and we were likeminded in a lot of ways. So after a lot of memes and talking back and fourth, I invited her over for a date and it went perfect.
    Lots of wine, and she eventually spent the night at my place. (No sex tho)

    Things were great and I really felt the chemistry was amazing.

    And on our 3rd date we had sex. But to be honest I busted in less than a min due to partially being overexcited And the nofap challenge.

    I decided to relapse to better my sexual performance with her as ive never had problems before..

    But it let me to actually become anxious and overly needy towards her, and I texted her some stupid shit one night where I simply couldnt stop myself.
    Wish I dident but is what it is.

    I apologized the next morning but the damage was done, she said it was fine and all tho.

    But the next day, where we were supposed to meet up again, she told me over text that she dident felt the chemistry and that we were done, and that it wasent because of my message the other day..

    I really feel like it was tho, so I keep blaming myself for it... She was something special, and I tried giving her some space too see if she changed her mind, without succes...

    So yeah I fucked up, it is what it is. Heartbroken and regretful.

    But without nofap ive never even started texting her out of fear of rejection, so in some way im still proud of my progress..

    Thanks for reading, just really had to get it out there
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  2. We all make mistakes in our relationships - addicts as well as non addicts. See it as a learning curve. I too did say or do hurtful things to my partners in the past. The important thing is to learn from these experiences and to not make the same mistakes again. Wish you the best brother. :)
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    Never do something to like the other person better. if you are committed to improve your life with nofap don't let this kind of stuff drift you away from your path. if you can in 1 minute just tell her that is a complimment to her beauty, please her in other way and move on, if you don't care about it she is not going to care about it either.
    Yeap, this is normally a bad way to go.
    No it wasn't. she just make up her mind about you and didn't want to keep talking about it.. or you.
    It was definitively about the message but she was kind enough to tell you it doesn't because woman don't want to hurt your feeling when they dump you.
    Giving her space is the rigth way to go.. just let me ask.. did you wait like a week and tried again or you never spoken to her since?
    yeah, this suck but you can learn from it and don't let this happen again!
    This is the most important! you had the balls to go after her and were able to enjoy her company for a few weeks. Be glad that you did! 2 weeks with a woman is better than 2 weeks with porn.. so keep working on you and next time you are going to do it better.
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    Thanks for advice and support fellas. Yeah it sucks, but you are right I need to learn from this experience, to not make the same mistakes again.
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