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  1. You guys have probably read my posts, thinking, ok... here he goes again!
    But I do it because it gets my thoughts out there.
    My hope is for someone to use it.

    And here is the deal on the hard mode reboot:

    Always remember that no matter how challenging it is,
    no matter how much emotional pain,
    no matter what kinds of suffering it entails,
    at the end of the day,
    all you have to do is not masturbate today.

    That is all it is, my brothers.
    Because if you don't fap today, or use PMO, then it won't happen.
    There is no person, place or situation that exists that will coerce you.

    In this way, you always have the upper hand.
    No matter what poison is in your thoughts, if you decide to avoid PMO today,
    then you won't.

    It doesn't matter if you have a woman or are single.
    It doesn't matter what you have seen on TV or the internet.
    It doesn't matter what your friends or relatives think.
    If you decide not to use PMO today, your decision is final.

    My suggestion is to say a prayer, and also remind yourself:

    "TODAY, just TODAY only,
    I will not use PMO.
    I don't care what the day brings;
    good, bad, happy, indifferent or nothing.
    Still, I will continue to do what I have to do with my life."

    Over time, when you force yourself to not use PMO,
    you will get stronger.
    Always believe in this process, believe in yourself.

    This pain you feel by denying yourself is more precious than gold.
    This pain you feel is building a foundation in your life.
    This pain is your payment so that you can life your fullest life.
    Keep paying with your suffering.

    Never quit.
  2. It is Finished

    It is Finished Fapstronaut

    It's always so funny when you put it that way. What are we getting so worked up over... it's simple.
  3. Yeah I know. It's an idea I've tried to drive home: this idea of TODAY.

    Just make it through today. That's it, baby.

    All a reboot is is a collection of "todays".

    If today sucks, and you don't use PMO, probably tomorrow will be easier.

    And over a 90 day reboot, I promise that for any dude, there are going to be easy days.

    But whatever it is, we just cross the finish line, one day at a time.

    Keep doing it, the 90th day will arrive. Believe that.
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  4. Thanks for this today. I was really struggling
  5. If your counter is right, you're coming up on a month, so you are almost over the hump.

    Keep going. Whatever you did yesterday that worked, do it again.

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