One Way to Decrease Loneliness

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  1. A lot of you guys know me, probably you think I'm an idiot.

    Well, you are right.

    But I aint hatin. So, here is my suggestion.

    This is my opinion about how I became less lonely.

    I believe that Social Media increases loneliness.

    I know that society thinks that social media is important, but I had to ditch it.

    If you find me on social media, you are looking at a relic.

    The problem I had was that I would end up alone on certain nights,

    so I'd open social media to find someone to talk to.

    Sometimes they were there.

    Sometimes they weren't.

    Sometimes they cared.

    Sometimes they didn't.

    But the problem is that if I looked to OTHER PEOPLE

    to solve my emotional problems,

    I only made them worse.

    Every time I had that feeling like, I wonder if I can reach out to


    then I only felt more lonely.

    Then it got to where the loneliness just did not ever go away.

    It seemed to be connected to using social media,

    but I couldn't understand it.

    Still I don't know why this happens.

    But if I just live my life, and work on what I need to accomplish,

    then I'm ok, I'm not lonely.

    If I go to social media and try to engage there,

    then I end up more lonely than if

    I'd never gone to social media.

    What I believe is that if a NoFap guy works on their life's goal or goals,

    the loneliness goes away.

    But if the NoFap guy hangs around on social media,

    chases women,

    worries about hanging around with buddies all the time,

    then he's going to be lonely.

    You can be either alone or lonely, it is your choice.

    I personally saw my loneliness go to nearly zero when I ditched social media.

    I deleted the apps from my phone, deleted the bookmarks on my computer,

    and I don't go there.

    What fills it up is my own life.

    Instead of social media, I am present, wherever I am.

    I don't NEED likes or comments on posts.

    I don't NEED anything but what the present environment offers.

    I don't NEED to watch TV or movies, sometimes I do, but usually I do not.

    I can be content to the max by just BEING.

    It is enough if you allow it to be enough.

    Or, you can worry about sending a "like" to Kim Kardashian

    when she tries on a new dress.

    What sounds like a better use of your life?

    You only get one life, you know.

    Better to be in YOUR life, now, than somewhere else.

    You can be happy in YOUR life right now, if you decide.

    If you decide that you are not happy without social media,

    then you won't be.

    If you ditch social media, you might need a week to get used to the change.

    Then, when you hear people talk about "text-whatever" or "post-something"

    it sounds like stupid alien garble.

    And that is good, because that is what that stuff really is.

    Now you are closer to sanity.

    So prepare to be different.

    Cause being like everyone else is not the way to winning.
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  2. All For One

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    I mean, not to diminish the value of your advice, but isn't this a commonly held opinion on the nofap community any way?
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  3. I don't know. I hope so.
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  4. All For One

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    It's solid advice, dw.
  5. magic05

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    Don't forget online news. I'd say that's even worse than social media.

    Cutting down on all the daily endless negativity and useless information is one of the best things somebody can do in the digital 21st century. Read one good book and you have more value and content than 1 year of daily news consumption.
  6. Yes, I didn't mention that, but I don't follow the news.

    Watching the news is too much work, for a smart person.

    There's too much bad information there.

    And what is the gain from all that filtering? Zero.
  7. livebytruths

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    I removed myself from social media a while back. One of my daily goal's is to not access it and look at other profiles and avoid the news, especially now with COVID 19 So far I am doing good but there are times when I will sneak in a view or two....

    I agree with you man. Social media does make one feel more lonely. The comparing of one's life to another can bring you down.

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