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    Hi friends this is Mr RR . one year experience of Nofap .I started my streak on 04.10.2017 .

    My Past

    I watched first porn at age of 15.I used to read erotic stories and watch porn and masturbate almost daily.I am 32 now. This affected my entire life.My grades started degrading .No focus in life no ambitions .I developed E.D. My self confidence was at the lowest level. I become overweight. Procrastination, overthinking , spending lot of time on internet.My life was total hell.

    Mr Nice Guy

    I was the nicest guy on the earth thats what I thought and pretended to be one .I never interacted with girls forget about dating one. I met a girl in office whom I liked thats year 2015 . I asked her for date which she agreed .We went out .But I could not make any sexual advance as I was not confident in myself thanks to ED.We never dated again. My self esteem was completly destroyed. I went into depression for almost two years.

    My Nofap Journey

    I visited this site on 04.10.2017 for the first time.I started my journey. After reading nofap,YBOP I stopped watching porn, masturbating . I relapsed and masturbated twice in a year but its still a success.

    Benifits OF NoFap

    1. Increased self awareness.

    2. I can confidently talk to any one looking in their eyes.

    3. Become more self disciplined

    4. Stopped objectifying women.

    5. Their is glow on face .

    6. Clarity of thoughts has increased alot.

    7. Self determination and willingness to do most of the things.

    8. Facing new challenges and taking more calculated risk.

    9. PIED is improving but gradually.

    New habits that I started

    1. Exercising daily

    2. Daily Morning walk.

    3. Eating healthy food.

    4. Daily practising intermittent fasting.

    5. Fasting completly once a week.

    6. Reading books.

    7. Expressing gratitude

    8. Daily positive affirmations.

    9. Achieving my career goals.

    10. Improving myself in every aspect of life.

    I know I have just started my journey and still long way to go.I thanks nofap community for giving me all it can. Thank you for your support.

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  2. bixxlow

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    Great job! Never give up. Im at 39day :D
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    Congrats bro, I hope to reach where you are anyone day

    CELIBACY_GUY Fapstronaut

    congrats , posts like this speaks and conveys the clear message . Thanks for posting this . May god be with you ! Be blessed
  5. Bokuto

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    Yo I’m also following intermittent fasting !!!
  6. Powerous

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    PMO addiction is destructive.

    I wish you strength and light to overcome this very difficult addiction.

    Here is some good tips for everyone:

    Sleep early, Wake up early, Go gym/Work out, Eat healthy foods, Meditate, Read helpful books, Go out with friends,
    Visualise your success, Write a list of goals, Conquer your goals and dreams!!!
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  7. Congratz, keep it rocking, hope you keep on continuing on the Good Path, the right lifestyle. All the best
  8. JohnTheFrench

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    Great post, bravo to you !
  9. TimeToQuitNow

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  10. Congrats man!stay blessed with happiness & confidence ;)
  11. miguel1993

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    Great job!

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