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    So today I'm celebrating one year since I've decided to quit pm for good. (You're more than welcome to search for my full story in my threads) It was a rough journey with a lot of mistakes, insights and achievements. I've learned so much about myself, how I've become what I am and how to continue from here. It was totally worth it.
    As much as it a cliché, the first rule to follow is keep going. No matter what's your streak, what are you addicted to and what's your excuses to keep relapsing. Even the smallest achievement is still an achievement. I've cut my relapses in half since last year. For me that's an indication for a big progress. You should always compare yourself to your past self.
    About urges and stressors, I didn't found any blocking method that worked and no cold shower, push up or meditation saved my from the very moment of the urge. Sorry guys but the only thing that would help you there is self discipline. All of the above is just ways to improve it.
    One resource that was most beneficial was "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert Glover. It really change my whole perspective about this addiction and the defining of men nowadays. Theres a free pdf online and its definitely worth your time.
    Thank for all the people who gave my advices and shared their experiences. Connecting with people can really make a difference when fighting against this tricky addiction.
    As ************** use to say "Greatness is coming!"
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    Did you ever have ED? How did you fix it
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    Congrats on 1 year! (I celebrated 3 like 6 days ago :) )
    Keep up the good work buddy!
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    Fourtnetly I didn't experienced any ED
    תודה אחשליייי גם אתה!
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