One Year Semen Retention

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by FailingForward, Aug 12, 2020.

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    It feels bigger than my birthday

    I always thought that I’d actually quit, but I never knew when was the right time.

    believe in Gods timing or not, I reached a point in my life where semen retention was literally my only option

    I did semen retention because there was nothing else left to change.

    There’s no diet that u can perfect that will help you feel better

    there is no weight that u can lift that will make u feel better

    there is no prayer or bible that will make u feel better

    there is not enough drinks or weed to go around to make u feel better

    All I can really say is that I’ve been missing out

    missing out on life and being able to conversate and enjoy simple conversation

    Being able to feel energy from people from simple eye contact and be comfortable with it

    growing a beard out for fucks sake

    this is one of the greatest journeys I have ever been on

    I have had my life flash between my eyes with a life threatening situation this year and while my family and friends grew worried I silently laid content

    it was a break from the madness, I saw an opportunity to start over with a new meaning to my life

    one where it involves conquering the things I want to do


    I’ve seen thousands of people in the stands and my heart and mind lock in to the strike zone with out fear and sight

    but I write this story because even tho some people will say ur story doesn’t count because I haven’t made it, I still believe it does

    I believe in miracles. Because with the anxiety and depression I felt a miracle was needed to get me out

    but I’m proud to say that those feelings have completely evaporated

    That feeling of me feeling weak is gone.

    I am mentally the strongest I have ever been.

    Women have their place in the world, but there if there is one thing that can be the destruction of the strongest, bravest, most confident man that will be a


    I’ve been humbled.

    there are not enough women in this world that will make u feel better

    See the catch is the more women, the more down the hole u get

    it’s possible, this journey is 100% possible

    I’ve had my temptations and I’ve had my urges but I learned about them and only when u learn about them then u can combat them

    willpower can only get you so far and motivation can only motivate u so much

    discipline lasts forever

    I’m on the road to the money as drake would say. Or always chase a check and never chase a woman as future would say. Or do you think I’m in love with lust? As one of the Migos rapper would say

    our semen is the most powerful liquid on this earth it will give u life and take it from u

    I’ve lived life this year and holy fuck is it a crazy ride
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    Notice me senpai, notice me!

    (I hope somebody gets that reference lol)

    This is awesome, man. Really happy for you! I've been struggling with lots of addictions and can't seem to manage. I related to a lot of what you said... there'll never be enough women or drink or drug or etc. Do you have any specific advice for how to stay the path?

    Thanks brother
  3. FailingForward

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    Learn about women and their nature and understand how much value you truly hold has a man and that in its self will put a taste in your mouth that is sour
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    I am happy for you friend, happy that you found semen retention. It really is a game-changer, I am experiencing it every day. It's like having an orgasm just by talking to someone or look them in the eyes like you said. Or with just breathing air, watching the sunrise, working out, etc.

    Keep going bro, own this life. Wish you all the best!

    Btw, I can't wait to hit my first year with SR :)
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    Could you refer to the source to learn about it?Thanks.
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    Great post man, I totally feel the same, even after a mere month of SR. There are days of negativity, but when these good ones come, you feel like you are in a paradise. Small insignificant things bring you joy and bliss just like that. I do have nocturnal emissions almost every month though, any ideas on how to stop them?
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    Great post man I have been going through the same hell the way you have gone. Your story is inspiring for me as I am also going through the phase of anxiety and depression.

    I have questions which can help me in my journey please answer

    1. How you went in the starting I.e. first week, month etc how you were able to manage these insane urges?

    2. I am obsessing over a girl and constantly thinking about her even if I don’t want to but my subconscious wants to have sex with her and I imagine and fuck her in my fantasy to masturbate. Any tip how to get over this thing

    Your experience will surely motivate me to go on this life changing journey.
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    So you were in monk mode/ hard mode? No sexual activity of any kind in any form, physical, emotional or mental at all?! How long do you plan to go on for? Do you think every boy and girl should go through something like this?

    Is there a key, a single, the best, advice that is the secret to success in this, that you would recommend someone else embarking on the journey?
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  11. At day 16 on my newest streak I crave that more than anything , but my field is too corporative .
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    I have a wet dreams post on my page check it out.
  13. FailingForward

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    You have to keep yourself busy, any time when you feel TOO excited you have to waste that energy. Great way is exercise. Watch how much your urges go down if you exercise at least once a day.

    The longer on your streak the more you will get over her. The confidence you lost will come back to you and you will be able to move on CONFIDENTLY and not be worried about her. Each set back keeps you in that nasty rabbit hole. She aint worth your attention bro. Save ur nut and keep moving
  14. FailingForward

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    I always thought about that. Like a beard is what makes a man feel like a MAN.
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  15. Just get a trimmer and use the shortest attachment (guard). I think it is a #1. Slowly you can grow a thick "scruff" that still looks professional.
  16. Callisto1

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    This is freaking awesome man, Hope you get happier and more successful! Success stories like this is a huge motive not to PMO and focus in working and living our best life.

    Personally I never passed the 22 days mark, but I’m attempting a new streak again. This time I will make it count. I want to live life to the fullest and succeed. Wish me luck.
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    Well women Are like food indeed
    You can eat and you can want more
    But do you ever stop eating?
    No you do not
    In fact you might become gluttonous

    The same can be said about women

    Each of us have our sins and my Sin is lust

    Y'know I am close to a year without Pmo
    And yet I still think something is wrong

    I am still overflowing with desire
    And I still Crave
    Which is scary
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  20. clapas

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    I also started nofap and took the red pill at around the same time last year. It was disruptive, a rebirth, hard to do and hard to swallow respectively, but a necessary step towards realization.

    Congrats and keep it up!

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