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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Pugsley, Jul 19, 2021.

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    In addition to getting away from porn, it has also stepped away from the people it engaged in sexy chat with.

    But it's realizing... That's almost everyone it has been chatting with since Covid started.
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    Hi there.
    I have a similar situation. The short story is that my problem with porn turns in problem with sexting.
    I have looking for people with my same interests to sexting for a long time and, I concluyed that people in internet can’t be real… The real people, the real relationships and life are out of our houses.
    I know that the quarentine is a wall now, and yes, we need ti respect ir if wanna be safe again. But the point that I want ti say is, that we need ti stop looking in internet for people and satisfation, the internet is false and just make us waste our time if we looking for a real relationships… well, this is my experience
    What do you think about it?
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    I walked into internet communities after I graduated from high school in 2000 because I was not an out going person. In a way internet communities helped me to get out of my shell. Back then I'd never be able to type up a post such as this. There is a limit to what the internet can do. On a forum I know I do not "connect" with people. I type up a reply but the person or people on the other side are beyond arms length. I may learn things about a person they had not told to people close to them but I do not feel intimate with that person. Everyone here is beyond arms length. This may be more to do with my own personality than anything since I do find it hard to connect with people face to face as well. A misunderstanding as to what intimate is?

    Still, the desire for face to face is there.

    My advice is to look into ones local community. Get off the smart phone. There are plenty of people to talk to. People can still talk face to face while respecting COVID.
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