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    So I know the best option is to meet and ask the women in person. I however work night shifts so for me it is very hard to even see a women since most of them are asleep. I know it is making an excuse but I don't want to get out there meet someone I am attracted to and then tell them I work nights and they get turned off since they won't see me much. I thought maybe using one of the dating apps and finding another night shift women would benefit me and her since we would have similar schedules. I do however fear of the whole judging by looks thing with online dating apps. Do i choose her because she works nights or because she is a hottie?

    Any advice?
  2. I would say that if you are feeling out of options at the moment, give it a try! The worst thing that can happen is that you don't find any night shift women and even then, you're no worse off than when you started.
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