Only 6 hours of rest. Thoughts under control. Little need for food. Increased strength

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    I just stumbled across this site. Thought I would share a quick overview of my experience and where I am at right now.
    This will include controversial anecdotes from my personal experience that have not been "scientifically proven". The only proof is from my own subjective experience, observation of patterns and personal experiments.
    Right now I only need 6 hours of sleep and can probably do less, but I have so much time and energy now that I am still sorting everything out so I tend to just stay in bed after 4 to 5 hours of sleep even when I'm feeling awake. I end up dozing off out of habit.
    This is a result of long determination, complete abstinence of porn and sheer will.
    The biggest help I have received is from the book "Taoist secrets of love cultivating male sexual energy" which I read over a year ago and have religiously practiced (Easily some of the most important knowledge I have ever come across). The main takeaway from the book is the voluntary control of the seminal fluid through pragmatic practices. Not the physical control of it (although you can slightly) but the complete transmutation of sexual energy to "spiritual energy". I don't like the term spiritual, but its about the only vocabulary to talk about esoteric experiences.
    After a lot of practice and recapitulation I can control my sexual thoughts and energy, as a side effect I can control my emotions easily too. Most of you will probably wonder how it's possible to control something as abstract and commonplace as thoughts. There are a number of variables to consider, but to sum it up every thought is generated by feelings which are just energy and I can very subtlety feel and control that energy. I can do this little trick were if I flex my lats and traps and squeeze my pelvic floor muscles and I can send the energy that's been stored in my "base chakra" (just an accumulation of energy in a certain region) all the way up my spine to my head. It feels great. In the past, whenever I lost my semen (usually through wet dreams), the next day I could barely feel any or no energy flow upwards through my spine.
    There is a lot more to say, but feel free to ask any questions.

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