Only a few people show up everyday

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    So I've been porn-free for 61 days now and I've had ups and downs, as most of us have during reboot. Sports and working out, especially boxing and MMA have helped me a lot and health in general, physical and mental.

    I'm a very committed person, I go to training everyday and whatever tasks I've set up in my new porn-free life routines I've been accomplishing and sticking to.
    Today at training the coach said something that got me thinking about how commitment and hard work always show great results.

    He said "You know a lot of people who work out here say they want to go pro and become the champion, but when it comes to the real hard work, only a few people show up everyday."

    We all want to improve ourselves and quit porn and all the bad habits, but have we really been working hard to achieve it? Ask yourself if the effort you're putting in is enough, only then you will realize how bad you want it and trust me, you will do everything it takes to get it because in the end, only a few people show up everyday and guess what? You are one of them.

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